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Theory: Terminator 2’s Uncle Bob Back in Terminator: Dark Fate

By: On April 8th, 2019

In our latest Terminator: Dark Fate theory video; we explore the possibility of a time traveling Sarah Connor constantly trying to ensure the Terminator time loop, the survival of her son John and in essence her own survival, by ensuring John lives and that John’s father Kyle Reese lives- and he is able to be sent back to protect her in 1984. Ensuring that Uncle Bob (the T-800) from Terminator 2: Judgment Day is reprogrammed by John and his team, in the future, and sent back to 1995 to protect John as a child.

We also take a look at the potential meaning of that healed scar on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face… is he playing Terminator 2: Judgment Day’s Uncle Bob?

We of course don’t know how much time travel will be used as a plot device in T:DF but we explore the idea of a Sarah Connor that may also want to alter events for possibly selfish means; if indeed you could call love selfish- by preventing the death of Kyle in the new Terminator trilogy.
She could also want to prevent the death of a certain protector T-800 if it means preventing the death of her son; if in fact John Connor has died of the T:DF time line.

Do you like the idea of a time traveling warrior Sarah Connor trying to alter events under the “no fate but what we make” sentiment/ideology, or do you prefer the time travel elements of the terminator franchise to be grounded and set to a minimum?

What if the real “Terminator Pheonix” (the original working title) is Uncle Bob and not Sarah Connor as many suspected?

For any doubters of the Uncle Bob revival theory; if writers want to bring someone back from the dead (or molten steel) where there’s a will there’s a way. Especially when creating in a genre (and franchise) which uses time-travel as a starting point, and the only accepted hero variant of Arnold’s Terminator to be widely accepted by audiences and fans was in T2: Judgment Day!

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I love the idea however the only way I see this happening if the t1000 is destroyed before uncle Bob’s face is torn apart.


You would have to account for the destruction to the physical unit in T2. The arm being severed and the lower half of the machine malfunctioning.

By the end of T2, Uncle Bob is dragging himself around and can barely move without assistance. These are critical damages that wouldn’t repair themselves.

They would have to re-write the ending to T2 so none of that happened and the damage was relegated to the flesh, only.

(I do believe he is playing the same character and I do believe this is exactly what they will do – Arnold ends up never getting those injuries).


Dont understand this theory? How would Sarah Connor be time travelling? Using what technology? I think that is too big a jump to make, also i dont think they will mess around with T2 by now saying the T-800 actually wasnt lowered into the molten pit, also kind of really underrmines the impact of the T2 ending, would they really want to do that? Thats a big risk to take as well as maybe confusing the more general cinemagoer.


Why is the Arnold picture from T2 labeled with the year 1995? T2 was 1991 or wasn’t it??


My theory is that arnold will play the human that the T800 is based on. AND he will also be de-aged and will play a bad terminator that looks like the one in T2 and T1