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Exclusive: Interview With T2 ‘Burly Attendant’ Mark Christopher Lawrence

By: On January 31st, 2017

He chased Sarah Connor through the corridors of Pescadero State Hospital as she escaped to protect her son, he ‘helped’ her take her medication/Thorazine in one of our favorite scenes from the Special Edition of Terminator 2 AKA the “T-1000 Edition”… it’s none other than our friendly neighborhood Burly Attendant; Mark Christopher Lawrence and we were honored to have a chat with him about Terminator 2: Judgment Day and a possible return for Terminator 6…

Mark Christopher Lawrence

How did you get the job on Terminator 2: Judgment Day?

I went through the audition process to get the role but it was different, in that, they would not send you the material ahead of time but you could come in and read prior to your audition. It was a very secretive process.

The Prescadero mental institute sequence and scenes of the movie are some of the most intense, showing Sarah Connor’s escape; was chasing Sarah Connor physically demanding?

Linda Hamilton had been on an intense training regimen where she trained 6 days a week prior to start of production and I have to say that chasing her down a long hallway at 3 am was very physically demanding. My character was billed as “Burly Attendant” after all.

How many days/or night shoots did you do on the movie?

The role I was contracted to do was scheduled to work 2 or 3 days so they booked me for one week just in case it got behind schedule. When all was said and done I had worked 6 weeks and came back to do 2 weeks of pick-up shots and a week of looping.

Terminator 2 Burly Attendant

We saw a deleted scene in the special edition of you administering medication to Sarah Connor, can you recall if you filmed any other scenes that didn’t make the cut and what the scenes entailed?

I can’t recall. It was too long ago.

Would you be willing to reprise your role as ‘The Burly Attendant’ in a future true sequel to Terminator 2 for a line of questioning by authorities/Cyberdyne, or perhaps your character is still working at Pescadero in a higher position of authority? If yes, how would you like to return?

Of course I’d jump at the chance to work with James Cameron again but I think it would have to be a better role. Maybe I’ve taken over the doctor’s position in the institution… (laughs).

Can you tell us about anything you are working on now/any upcoming projects our users can keep an eye out for?

I’m in The Content on PureFlix. Director/Producers Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott hired me for a horror pic called Tales From The Crib. Also we are shopping a sitcom right now so prayers are welcomed!

Fingers crossed and prayers for your return in Terminator 6!

So, there we have it Terminator Fans, who better to fill the shoes of the retired Dr. Silberman in Terminator 6 (hopefully a true sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day) than Mark Christopher Lawrence!

Dr Silberman Replacement For Terminator 6

Would you like to see this Burly Attendant get a promotion for Terminator 6? The new Doctor of Pescadero State Hospital? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Go and like Mark’s Official Facebook Page and also check out his official website at and be sure to see Mark in 3D this year when Terminator 2 returns to theaters!

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Laura Ferguson
Laura Ferguson

Mark Christopher Lawrence is a phenomenal actor/comedian and I would love to see him in a sequel of Terminator II