Over the years we have conducted numerous interviews with people involved in the Terminator franchise. We have new interviews in the pipeline and old ones due for restoration from our archive in the near future.

Hollywood Composer Brad Fiedel Talks Terminator and Full Circle Musical

Brad Fiedel Talks About TERMINATOR + His New Musical FULL CIRCLE

Brett Azar – Audio Interview

Brett Azar Talks about playing the Young Terminator T-800 in Terminator: Dark Fate

We spoke to Brett about playing young T-800 Carl and the controversial terminating of John Connor…

Billy Ray

Billy Ray Writer Terminator: Dark Fate

We put a few questions about the upcoming Terminator movie to writer Billy Ray and he teases that we will see Arnold as we have never seen him before…

TERMINATOR 2: PureArts T-800 Battle Damaged Edition 1/1 Scale Art Mask

Taylor Smith

Space Goat The Terminator Board Game Dev

We ask some detailed questions about the upcoming The Terminator The Official Board game with the games lead developer Taylor Smith.

Mark Christopher Lawrence

Terminator 2 Burly Attendant

We speak to Burly Attendant Mark Christopher Lawrence about chasing Sarah Connor around Pescadero State Hospital in T2: Judgment Day and a possible return to the franchise for Terminator 6.

William Wisher

William Wisher Jnr. Terminator 5

William Wisher collaborated with James Cameron writing on the first two Terminator movies.

Alessio Cavatore

Terminator Genisys The Miniatures Game

Alessio Cavatore made a name for himself developing games for Games Workshop famous for the Warhammer series. Alessio developed a Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game in the past and now he is developing a Terminator Genisys game with his company River Horse Games.

Brett Azar

Brett Azar Terminator Genisys Double

Brett Azar is the 1984 body double for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘The Terminator’ and younger ‘The Guardian’ in Terminator Genisys.

Brad Fiedel

Terminator Live Brad Fiedel

The man, the music, the legacy! The composer of the first two Terminator movies talks with us about the sound of the machines

Gale Anne Hurd

Gale Anne Hurd The Terminator

Without “The First Lady of Sci-Fi” Gale Anne Hurd, Terminator as we know it would simply not exist!

David Woodruff

David Woodruff Alien 5 Terminator

David Woodruff talks to us about his Make-Up test based on concepts and ideas for a 5th ‘Canon’ Alien movie.

Daniel Robichaud

T2 3D Hollywood Fire

Daniel Robichaud was the Animation Director on T2 3-D and worked closely with Jim Cameron at Digital Domain to bring SkyNet interiors and the T-1Meg to life.

Peter Kent

Peter Kent Terminator 2 Stunt Man

We interview stunt legend Peter Kent about his performances as the T-800 on the first two Terminator movies. We asked if he is interested in returning in Terminator 5, we also asked about the 1996 T3 that never happened and much more…

Nathan Thomas Milliner

Nathan Thomas Milliner Terminator Art

Creator of Terminator of original art work and created an excellent The Terminator Poster for HorrorHound Weekend to promote the Terminator Cast Reunion. An artist of the horror genre and also famous for creating DVD covers for horror movies like Halloween, The Howling and more. We asked him a few quick questions in a chat we had with him.

Lane Leavitt

Lane Leavitt Interview

Our second interview with Terminator Stunt Man Lane Leavitt, we discuss Terminator 5 and his involvement in Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand.

Shaun Hutson

Shaun Hutson The Terminator Interview

Acclaimed British Horror Author Shaun Hutson was the first writer to write a Terminator Novel EVER.

Bess Motta

Bess Motta The Terminator Interview

We chat to actress Bess Motta about her role as Sarah Connor’s friend and roommate Ginger in the first Terminator movie.

Raffael Dickreuter

Raffael Dickreuter with Endoskeleton

A Pre-Visualization VFX artist on Terminator Salvation discusses his work and being a fan himself. Raffael has worked on a number of large VFX movies including Ironman, Man of Steel and many more. He also had the privilege of meeting the late and great Stan Winston. He shares his story.

Timothy Zahn

Timothy Zahn Interview

We talked to Author Timothy about his two Terminator Salvation novels and the Terminator franchise. Timothy is also famous for his Star Wars novels and would be open to writing more Terminator novels in the future.

Tomislav Spajic

Tomislav Spajic Terminator Interview

An Environment Artist on Terminator Salvation: The Game. We talked about his career the game and we also got a sneak peak at Christian Bale’s likeness, discussed the demise of Grin and the Grin Final Fantasy game that got cancelled.

Greg Cox

Greg Cox Terminator Salvation Interview

Author of Terminator Salvation: Cold War talks with us about the T-600, the Alaskan Resistance and more. Expanding the world of Terminator Salvation and well worth a read.


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