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  2. Kevin Wales says:

    Can a moderator tell me if it is possible to create a posting that allowed a word-game to take place? It needs 26 files, each containing the name ‘a’ through to ‘z’, and the main posting named ‘Terminator Word Game’. The site that myself and colleague presently use on wetpaint is crap. It’s extremely frustrating to say the least.

  3. Christopher Williams says:

    I’ve just come up with a great idea for Terminator Genisys scenes. You know on the original first film, that scene at the beginning where you see the guy in the dump truck. And Arnold appears from that big lightning ball from the future. And he stands up, looks around and then walks forward, everyone knows that scene. And then he finds those punks, asks for there clothes. Kills 2 of them and you see that last punk guy when he takes off his coat, screws it up. And at that point a close up on the punks face, looks behind the bad T-800. And then the bad T-800 hears footsteps behind him. He turns around and a good T-800 pulls down his hood, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then a close up on the Bad Terminator’s moving his eyes. And then Arnie says I’ve been waiting for you. Loads his gun, shoots and aims at the Bad T-800 head and all we can see is the bad T-800’s endoskeleton face. Also the punk runs away and Arnie again shoots at the Bad T-800. And all we can see now is a full Bad T-800 endoskeleton. Is this possible to put those 2 scenes from the first Terminator film into Terminator Genisys movie. It’s just my thought of an idea really. And a great scene instead of seeing that crappy looking CGI Arnold that we saw in the Terminator Genisys trailer. Because I looked at the cgi Arnold Schwarzenegger and it looked pretty poor. So that CGI thing can go I was wrong about that sorry 🙂 I apologise for that. Does your director thinks that this a great idea, to put in the movie. Just a thought really so it will make the scenes in the movie look better 🙂

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