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Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Give a Shit About Terminator 6 Title

Is this a little bit of hype for Terminator 6; along the lines of James Cameron’s Wonder Woman comments… ? We Exclusively reported that James… » » »


New Release Date “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY” 3D, 4K UHD, Blu-Ray and DVD (UK)

The UK home release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day‘s remaster (including 3D release) is now shifting the release date from October 30th 2017 to December 4th 2017…. » » »


Schwarzenegger Talks Tim Miller and Playing a T-800 in Terminator 6

Arnold Schwarzenegger is promoting his new movie “Killing Gunther” and spoke to METRO US and Business Insider UK; Terminator 6 was obviously a point of… » » »


“Something big is coming” for TERMINATOR

Skydance are taking to social media to tease the following about the next Terminator movie… James Cameron wants to make the franchise relevant again! Something… » » »


Opinion on How Terminator 6 Should Represent Schwarzenegger’s Terminator

Many people have doubted Arnold before (and after) Terminator Genisys and his capability to continue the franchise as the Terminator, mainly with the heavy criticism… » » »


‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Home Release Postponed by Lionsgate

The dates keep shifting but now Lionsgate have confirmed an indefinite delay for the 4K UHD Home Release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day and this… » » »


Is Michael Fassbender’s David Going to Evolve Into ALIEN?

Well Ridley Scott continues to give us more Alien prequel movies… Instead of just wrapping up the prequels they go on and on and on… » » »


T-1000 Reveal for T2029 Terminator 2: Judgment Day Board Game

Robert Patrick’s Liquid Metal Messiah “The T-1000” has been revealed for the official Terminator 2: Judgment Day Board Game Kickstarter AKA T2029… The T-1000 is a… » » »


Terminator Fans Want Robert Patrick BACK in Terminator 6

The story begins when we asked Robert Patrick via HuffPost Live about a possible return to the franchise for Terminator 5 (which became Terminator Genisys)…. » » »


The Terminator Appears in Stranger Things Season 2 1984 Promo Video

How The Terminator (1984) movie will actually feature in Stranger Things Season 2 is currently unknown but the Endoskeleton makes an appearance in a new… » » »


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