The Terminator Live

By: On February 24th, 2019


Imagine seeing your favorite movies but with the added edge of all the music being performed live. Well, James Cameron’s films are setting a trend for this treatment and the third time will be for The Terminator Live!

The Terminator Live celebrates the 1984 award-winning film. Experience Brad Fiedel’s signature synthesizer-led, percussive score performed live in-sync with the 1984 motion picture.

Back in 2016 Brad Fiedel Exclusively revealed to an interest in bringing his two Terminator motion picture scores to a live setting (The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day) and now it’s finally happening!

A tour (more dates to be revealed in due course) of the first Terminator movie will show in HD, accompanied by a full band (including Taiko Drums) on stage; performing the atmospheric The Terminator (1984) motion picture score by Brad Fiedel.

The Terminator (1984)

The Terminator Live T-800 Schwarzenegger
The relentless and unstoppable villain – THE TERMINATOR (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Widely regarded as Cameron’s breakthrough masterpiece, The Terminator sees Arnold Schwarzenegger star as the most uncompromising killing machine ever to threaten the survival of humankind. An indestructible cyborg, a Terminator, is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), the woman whose unborn son will become humanity’s only hope in a future war against the machines. This epic sci-fi thriller from director, James Cameron, delivers an arsenal of action and heart-stopping suspense right to the end.

The Terminator Live Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton
The mother of the future savior of mankind Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton)
The Terminator Live Michael Biehn Kyle Reese
Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) plays a hero from a dark future sworn to protect Sarah Connor at all costs…

The complete movie will be shown in its entirety with original language audio (English) but depending on which country you watch The Terminator Live in; you will get subtitles to accompany your specific country’s screening eg. French, Dutch etc.

Terminator Live Brad Fiedel
Terminator Maestro, Brad Fiedel, Composed the iconic motion picture scores of The Terminator and T2: Judgment Day

Brad Fiedel – The Terminator Live

When Brad Fiedel was tasked with writing a score for a film with a love story and machines, he produced one of the most ground-breaking soundtracks in film music history. His thumping and hypnotic 13/16 percussive time signature became the pulse of the machine; The Terminator. His emotionally fueled piano motif came to symbolise a love story. The music’sconstant shifts in tones and sounds throughout James Cameron’s epic sci-fi action-thriller, guarantee Fiedel’s score a cult status that deserves a live performance to bring it to the fore along with the film it serves.

Avex Classics International

From the Producers of Amadeus Live, Titanic Live, The English Patient Live and Aliens LiveAvex Classics International invite you to immerse yourself in the action of James Cameron’s sci-fi classic with thunderous taiko drums, percussion, electric violin and synthesizers.

Avex Classics International were responsible for the huge success of Titanic Live and Aliens Live and are back to put on one of the most epic screenings of The Terminator (1984). In conjunction with MGM, Orion Pictures (yes they are back too) and Park Circus, this will literally be music to our ears with the beloved first and cult classic Terminator movie. This event will be to die for!

Classical, Re-imagined.

Whether it’s bringing cinematic masterpieces to life by placing soundtracks front and centre or producing original theatrical and musical content, Avex Classics International are at the cutting edge of live classical entertainment.

ACI’s mission is to create, innovate and facilitate exciting and engaging experiences for artists and audiences alike.

Established in 2014, Avex Classics International is a division of Japan’s leading entertainment business, the Avex Group.

With Avex Classics International handling this tour fans are in very good and trusted hands… James Cameron approved hands!

TERMINATOR 2: PureArts T-800 Battle Damaged Edition 1/1 Scale Art Mask

First The Terminator Live Tour Date

You can book tickets for The Terminator Live in Switzerland right now!

Saturday30 March 2019KKLLucerne19:30TICKETS
Friday15 May 2020Palais des CongrèsParisTICKETS

Are you excited about this special event? Let us know your thoughts, share your feelings,- and if you are going to be attending any of the planned screenings, share your experience with us on social media and via our contact page.

The Terminator Live Official Website

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2 years ago

As much as I would absolutely love to see this, I’d love it more if Brad returned to do a NEW Terminator score for Dark Fate. Brad’s music is the crucial ingredient that makes the difference between something that’s a movie and a Terminator movie.

If James Cameron and Tim Miller are serious about returning to the roots, they cannot do it without Brad’s signature sound. It is the make or break component to the DNA of Terminator.

After that – I’d pay very good money to see Brad Play T1 live.

Derek Dodson
Derek Dodson
2 years ago
Reply to  BrandKnew

Brad’s score is half the movie…which is what has been missing from the last 3 movies too. I really hope he comes back. T2’s score is a masterpiece.

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel
2 years ago

Pour TERMINATOR 6 DARK FATE, j’espère que ce sera aussi impressionnant que le premier T1000 du 2! Quand ils disent passer le flambeau… J’espère voir Linda Hamilton dans la nouvelle trilogie du 3 si ça marche! Je suis inquiet pour ça! Où est le Dr. Silbermann ??? OU même John Connor dans ce film ????