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Terminator Fans Want Robert Patrick BACK in Terminator 6

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On October 7th, 2017

The story begins when we asked Robert Patrick via HuffPost Live about a possible return to the franchise for Terminator 5 (which became Terminator Genisys).

Back in 2012 we explored ideas of how two of the most famous Terminator Units (T-800 – Schwarzenegger and The T-1000 -Robert Patrick) could make a comeback regardless of Age with an article titled Terminator: The Aging Process.

This urged us to ask Robert about a reprisal in 2013.

Robert responded with the following reply (transcribed below video):

TheTerminatorFans.com asks:

Our users are anticipating the return of the liquid metal T-1000 in Terminator 5; have you been contacted by Annapurna Pictures or Skydance Productions regarding a possible return to the Terminator franchise?


and the very simple answer is, no.


Would you be open to it if they did contact you?


I would be interested to read and see what they would, if they wanted to bring the character back I would be interested to see. In all honesty I feel like I put my stamp on that franchise, I think I left it all up there on the film I don’t really know if I would like to revisit the character but having said that if the right people were involved in other words if Jim Cameron was involved, if Linda Hamilton, if Arnold Schwarzenegger, if they brought back some of the original players; Michael Biehn, I might be interested.

I personally feel I should leave that performance alone and let it stand, be a stand-alone performance. I don’t know, I’m 54 years old and I don’t know if physically I could do…


You can’t run like that anymore?


I’ve got a bad hip now, I’ve slowed down quite a bit so. I don’t know if it would be to my advantage to revisit it.

Robert seemed hesitant at a return due to the lack of involvement of key players in the franchise… most notably James Cameron but was interested in the script of what came to be Genisys and also open to an offer and interested to see how studios would bring back the character.

With news of James Cameron’s return however Robert Patrick has changed his thoughts on a return when he spoke to Yahoo Movies UK while promoting Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D in the UK he Exclusively told them the following…

I would [reprise the role of T-1000]

I’ve thought about this, I’ve changed my position over the years, but yes I would. I certainly would, especially now that Jim Cameron has the franchise back in his hands. The common denominator between ‘The Terminator’ and ‘Terminator 2’ is the fact that Jim Cameron directed both of those films. If he’s involved, I’d love to be involved again.

I honestly can’t say I could do it quite as well as I did it as a 30-year-old, physically, but I sure would give it my best effort.

The sequels to Terminator Salvation were going to fix many of the issues with the franchise and Cameron Collaborator William Wisher was going to write the original proposed fifth and sixth Terminator movies but for whatever reason it just didn’t happen. In these installments to be directed by McG; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Robert Patrick were indeed going to return!

Talk of Robert Patrick returning as human/hybrid character was cited by McG,- which would have seen Robert Patrick as the creator of The T-1000…

Terminator 6 Robert Patrick Scientist

In an article called Casting Terminator 6 we explored ideas on how original The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) cast members could return for a Terminator 2 sequel. In this article we toyed with the idea of Robert Patrick becoming a good guy in the guise of Detective Austin – while we didn’t flesh out the idea too much in the article; we thought he could be the cop who succeeded in detaining one of America’s most wanted… Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and could later come to be an ally to stop a villainous Schwarzenegger T-800 Unit after slowly discovering that Sarah Connor isn’t crazy and that he (Patrick) may have just contributed to the world’s end in the obsession to end his career on a high note. We looked to Robert as a solid connective tissue to the past characters and a way to revisit important cast members without cheesy fate cameo scenarios playing out. This idea could have potentially seen Robert Patrick becoming the Lt. Traxler role of Terminator 6 and the return of a detective story arc.

Now knowing that Robert was interested in a Terminator return for Terminator 6 as The T-1000 we asked him last August if he would be willing to play man or machine to which Robert answered:

“I am open to any possibility that is offered to me.”

As part of this exclusive report we decided to find out how the fans wanted Robert to return with a poll; we offered numerous options for a return including the scientist idea to see how it would resonate with fans…

The scientist idea did surprisingly well and came third favorite.

The second favorite idea voted for was a T-1000 V 2.0.

We decided to depict what a version 2.0 T-1000 could be from the alternate timeline cause by Terminator 2: Judgment Day and throw in some new features as a way of possibly taking T-1000 FX to the next level…

T-1000 Version 2 Upgrade Terminator 6

If SkyNet and Judgment Day was delayed then a more refined and superior T-1000 could have been created by the rulers of this planet and in turn the failures of the T-1000 could have been ironed out and perfected into a much deadlier killing machine. Also if you wanted to imply fate does indeed play a hand in the Terminator franchise; the delayed future could also result in the very same man (Robert Patrick) but older being the first to come in contact with the liquid metal and viola you have the T-1000 back.

Fans top vote was for the T-1000 to return but T-1000 V2.0 came a close second.

The latest update comes from Screen Rant who said asked Robert about returning for Terminator 6 while promoting Lore (produced by Terminator Legend Gale Anne Hurd).


Robert’s reply?

“Absolutely! Anybody [asks] me to do anything, return anywhere, I am there.”

The fans definitely want Robert to be part of the new trilogy but a new Terminator is already planned for Terminator 6 with possible new VFX ideas in mind, also Sarah Connor is set to pass the torch to an 18 year old teenager but some of us would just prefer the old cast to hold the torch a bit longer… why not send an upgraded T-800 (near indestructible Endoskeleton alloy) and an upgraded T-1000 back in time at the same time to take out Sarah and John? Now that might be interesting and double the threat and madness. Terminator Tag team?

Where the fuck are Gale Anne Hurd, William Wisher and Robert Patrick anyway? BRING THEM BACK BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

Anyway, let us know how you want Robert to return in the comments below…


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5 responses to “Terminator Fans Want Robert Patrick BACK in Terminator 6”

  1. Boss says:

    Considering Arnold’s reprisal in genisys was perhaps the only aspect most fans and critics enjoyed about that film, Including Linda in another instalment was a right step taken, but moving forward with Terminator should be a priority.

    In 1984 seeing the endoskeleton of the T800 made the character so believable same with the cgi of the T1000 in T2, however as a fan it would be a joy to see Robert back on screen as the T1000 but is it retreating same territory again ? why not include Edward too ? but is that the right decision to make ? with James Cameron we must trust.

    We the fans want to see the same movie twice, three times maybe, but Terminator needs to be innovative to capture the audience again like T1 and T2 did, Including Linda is surely exciting enough, but did they get the next step right ? is Arnold up to planning the villain one last time? because that truly will make every Terminator fan happy.

  2. daniel hughes says:

    bring him back ya pricks!

  3. Bill says:

    If you read TERMINATOR 2: The New John Connor Chronicles, the T-XA terminator is an advanced form of the T-1000. There are so many ways in which they could cross timelines, the ones branches off the original timelines, when the future was changed by using time travel. Check these books out if you already haven’t. There are advanced tech humans, different terminators (physical appearance). It really fixes the problems with “aging” Terminators/actors.

  4. А.Фар says:

    Terminators not grow old.
    This is a technical invention;
    which has intensified the Unseen world.
    Evil terminator copies, depicts heroes to deceive the
    investigation; so the terminator old externally,
    but internally the endoskeleton, liquid metal.

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