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Exclusive: Robert Patrick Open to Terminator 6 Return as Man or Machine Role!

By: On August 30th, 2017

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we want the next movie to continue on from the second movie as a true sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day and what better way to complete The T-1000 story/arc than by including the genesis of the T-1000 likeness for an intellectual pay off for T-1000 and Robert Patrick fans! Something similarly hit the news waves recently for Arnold’s character (the human origins for the T-800).

Robert could play a human hero or villain that could be the basis of the prototype T-1000…

T-1000 Robert Patrick Terminator 6

Robert Patrick has changed his stance on a franchise return now James Cameron is getting more hands on with the franchise.

Robert recently said he would be interested in returning as The T-1000 in a new Terminator movie but we also decided to ask him if he was open to any other role ideas including playing a human… We are totally open to that idea; as we really don’t have a problem with age (fueled by an industry of photo-shopped super models and ridiculous ideals on the way people look and women over 40 being deemed to be unbankable in Hollywood- it is total bullshit).

We think what matters most in movies is the story and fine acting- and Robert still has it and so does Linda and Arnold! All 3 of these actors still have female and male admirers who still find them as sexy as ever and that is perhaps something studios really overlook in the same way that Edward Furlong still has a massive female following who find him lovable and still attractive.

We asked Robert Patrick (The T-1000) the following…

McG (director of Terminator Salvation) was talking about you playing a scientist- advancing the field of mimetic poly alloy (likely a Hybrid or human character), then becoming the T-1000 in William Wisher’s treatments (the Terminator Salvation sequels)… Would those ideas have interested you, or would you just rather get back to killing as liquid metal?

I am open to any possibility that is offered to me.

Robert Patrick has clearly stated/shown his trust and admiration for James Cameron and if asked, it looks clear, that he would be willing to make a return to the franchise as MAN, MACHINE or BOTH! Whatever the story requires; Robert is your man to play a villain or a hero… he does both really well. He has complained of a dodgy knee in the past but as always we fall back to the body double belief system; even younger actors have body doubles!
If we needed Robert Patrick to run down a corridor battling a Terminator with a firearm or skewer someone through the face and drag their bleeding rag doll body for a few meters,- well then that is what we would call good film-making! It also isn’t a nostalgia trip if you do new fresh and exciting things with the resource material.

We recently threw the idea out there about Robert Patrick playing a human role of ‘Detective Austin’ to give some meaning to the name badge he wears in T2 (other than being a great Easter Egg and nod to T2 Producer Stephanie Austin) but the problem is he would have to come in to some form of contact with Mimetic Poly Alloy later down the line if Terminator 6 was a present day movie in a new trilogy, or McG’s idea of a scientist or how about a Cyberdyne Corporate Executive? Or maybe a human Robert could have some DNA on file somewhere, anything is possible here, the ideas just need to be fine-tuned and combed through until perfect.

T-1000 Terminator 2 3D

What if the reason the T-1000 looks younger than Robert today is down to the Time Displacement Field doing something to the particles… we could go on forever with these types of theories… but the point is we would love to see the old cast and hold off on torch passing.
Yes, introduce new characters but don’t just kill off characters we love in this torch/baton passing reboot… especially if they have another couple of Terminator movies left in them at least and the main players of T2 do have it in them, even Edward. We don’t give a fuck if Edward has done drugs… STOP BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT in a franchise which began with the premise of a KILLING MACHINE, KILLING! You are removing the most basic aspects which made fans love it originally! THE TERMINATOR FRANCHISE is fast becoming staid and lackluster- GO HARDCORE and BACK TO THE DARK ROOTS P-L-E-A-S-E.

How would you like to see Robert Patrick return to the franchise? Take the poll below or leave a comment below with any suggestions (if not listed in the poll)!

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