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TERMINATOR 3D is Coming to Theaters in 2019 Courtesy of REAL D

By: On August 6th, 2018


It looks like a mistake has been made and RealD France has removed their original tweet regarding a 3D release of Terminator (2019). This isn’t to say that the movie is not getting a 3D release but the specific details are not ready to be disclosed. We will keep you updated on more details as they come in. James Cameron Executive Producing the movie kind of seals the deal of 3D regardless.

The new Terminator movie will take advantage of the 3D format and a new tweet from Real D France reveals that they will be part of the 3D presentation of the movie.



unveils a new image! Coming soon to the cinema in 3D!


It has not been revealed what format of 3D the new Terminator movie will utilize, we have a strong gut feeling with the involvement of James Cameron that this movie has been shot in native 3D; which would be a first for the Terminator franchise.

Real D are pioneers of digital 3D presentation and with their top of the range screen projection technology, you can expect the new Terminator movie to be of a great quality and with James Cameron involved you can expect the very best for Terminator if you attend a 3D screening.

Terminator Fans were very happy with the theatrical presentation of Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D. The release of T2 in 3D was a post conversion but with the way that James Cameron had filmed the movie’s action, with depth of field in mind in his direction, it suited the conversion really well for audiences of today. Due to impressing fans with T2 3D this could very well have a positive outcome on Terminator (2019) and its 3D cinema bookings.

Something we’ve talked about for a long time; is that if the movie is solely called TERMINATOR they can call the 3D theatrical and home releases Terminator 3D and T-3D which would be a fantastic loophole to call the movie Terminator 3 as we know this is a sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
The new movie has not had an official title cemented yet but social media accounts are calling the movie TERMINATOR and while some fans are mixed about that, we think they should stay the course as it would make perfect sense later on. Most people call The Terminator “The Terminator (1984)” anyway, and as long as the movie has a narrative surrounding the year 2019 then it lessens any confusion for foreign releases.

Tim Miller’s Terminator (2019) will hit U.S. theaters on the 22nd of November 2019 and also France in November too (specific date TBC).


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William O. Nájera

I saw “Genisys” in 3D and I can say it was the best of the movie. Really good FX. Although not a bad movie, it was simply a children’s movie. I hope this not be the case.

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

If there is the possibility to have it in 2 2D and 3D version I say yes for the 3D it will be my first Terminator in 3D but I hope someday why not a Terminator in 4D now that cinemas include it more and more it could be huge!