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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals New Aged The Terminator Look

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On August 4th, 2018

As anticipated Arnold Schwarzenegger still has a beard but he also has a new haircut. It looks like the Terminator Genisys grey hair-piece is out the window and we are to get a much more natural haircut for Arnold in Terminator (2019).

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Gym

Most people stick with a hairstyle they had at a time that signifies to them that they were at their peak and Arnold did indeed stick with T2 style haircut most of his life but now we are seemingly going for more of a military cut for ‘The Terminator’. The new style is short on the sides, which we previously saw made him look more youthful on the movie ‘Killing Gunther’. The length/height of Arnolds hair is much shorter than we have seen for a long time and the color tone is a nice dark grey on top, instead of a light grey.

Overall this haircut compliments Arnold, literally shaving years off him and we very much feel that the hair department have done a great job and previously we have complimented Linda Hamilton’s new look also with her wicked new ‘ready for battle’ Sarah Connor hair style.

Arnold is also wearing a classic dark grey Terminator T-Shirt; it is unknown if this is part of his official wardrobe for the movie but he is filming, so this could be a post filming trip to the gym.

Arnold has been training since his arrived in Budapest on his birthday…

While Arnold’s role is currently a mystery he will be playing an ‘Aged Terminator’ machine. It is unknown if he will be a villain or a hero.
This film is very secretive; after fan complaints that the last movie (Terminator Genisys) revealed too much to audiences in marketing and trailers.


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Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

pretty much his new haircut! I just hope it will not be too inspired Genisys even if it was rather successful! I think that if this film reserves so much secret we are far from knowing how far to go Cameron and his team! Why not a Schwarzy viellis machine t800 who will be the creator of the T800? and that the young t-shirt will be sent by schwarzy himself? possible! I will come back <3


He looks great. Much more natural look than that dreadful Genisys. Anyway, are we sure he’s playing a Terminator? I have a feeling (almost hopeful) he’s playing the human that inspired model 101.


Yeah, looks like he might be a general with that haircut.

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

I also feel that he will be the creator and manufacturer of the T800 and his own model of 84

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