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Terminator (2019) Villain Teaser?

By: On August 9th, 2018

We saw the official hero reveal for the movie featuring the three female leads of Terminator (2019). Now a picture surfaces of the original Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) co-training with the new Terminator (Gabriel Luna) at FLEX Gym, Budapest.

Could this be a sign that these guys are on the same Terminator double team in the new movie, or will Arnold be another protector Terminator going against Luna?

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Or Luna ll be protector terminator again villain Arnold


I really hope Arnold is gonna be playing a villain Terminator again. That would actually be something fresh and somewhat original if there are two bad Terminators teaming up this time around. It’s kinda’ the logical next step in a way, because if Skynet failed at terminating it’s target the first two times why wouldn’t it just try and send more Terminators the next time?

Juan Canino
Juan Canino

I prefer to see a human Arnold telling the history how he was choose by Skynet and the Resistance to be their first Terminator to send to kill/save John in the past….

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

The boss who retransmits the good state of mind and the human strength of one machine to the side of another? Would Schwarzy be there as a programmer of other machines to protect Sarah and John?


How about…
Arnold plays a human fugitive who is accused for:
Brutal killing of 3 punks, blowing up gun store owner, “phonebook” killing of several Sarah Connors, mass shootout in Tech-Noir pub, possible deaths with victim losing his leather jacket, etc. in 1984; plus bike club robbery, death of Janelle and Todd Voight, breaking of Pescadero, hijack and killng of Miles Dyson, destruction of Cyberdyne, partial destruction of a steel mill in 1995…?