Terminator: Dark Fate Komárom Hungary Helicopter Set Video Leak

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On July 25th, 2018


As previously reported filming in Komárom Hungary for Terminator (2019) is taking place at what used to be a Nokia phone factory. We speculated that not much would come from this location as the building seems to be an acquisition of Korda Studios; who is providing this location to Skydance Productions. The unit is likely now a sound-stage and as we speculated- could be used for computer factory style interiors or have had whatever sets the production requires built inside by set designers. No doubt even if the previous building contents are being used it will have had some tweaking by the production designers and staff.

This external filming shot within the gated premises (outside the building) shows a helicopter crane rig being used to emulate take off and it very much looks like Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) is flying the helicopter with Mackenzie Davis’ character in the front passenger seat. Due to the quality of the video it is hard to tell if the helicopter has more passengers but we think we can see one in the back… Dani Ramos AKA actor Natalia Reyes maybe?

This particular location is where Schwarzenegger is meant to join the shoot which was reported this week but we will only get confirmation of this when Arnold arrives or if something leaks out.

While not exactly the same the helicopter; it reminds us of the T-1000’s police helicopter used in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This helicopter obviously has rigging to give the illusion that the actors are flying whilst keeping them safe and able to perform. We also see (what we would presume to be) giant fans (luckily not Terminator Fans) which are there to, maybe, emulate the propeller blades of the helicopter which will aid realism for takeoff.

This will not be the only helicopter shot in the movie, as we have seen this crane rig before at Almeria’s Isleta del Moro Helicopter Wreck site.

TERMINATOR 2: PureArts T-800 Battle Damaged Edition 1/1 Scale Art Mask
Terminator Isleta Moro Helicopter Wreck

Feel free to study the video, leave your thoughts, theories or if you notice any details we might have missed out; stick them in the comments below.



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Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel
2 years ago

This film will be so realistic! really it will change what we could have with Terminator Genisys! finished the green screen and too many special effects to the computer!