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Story of Terminator (2019) Will be Set in Mexico and The United States

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On May 11th, 2018

Extras casting for Terminator (2019) has been taking place and it has been revealed a Director of an “American Superproduction” has chosen a location of Murcia (a location in Spain we have reported on previously). While not mentioned by name; this casting call has all the hallmarks of the new Terminator movie and that ‘director’ of course would be Tim Miller.

We now see that the movie will take place in the settings of Mexico (Dani Ramos is from Mexico City) and the United States (possibly LA if the Terminator franchise is anything to go by) and filming will take place in Murcia for one month.
A Mexican highway sequence is cited, so expect a chase and some carnage there. This sounds like a dream job for the extras and we like the sound of the United States featuring in the movie and a good old highway sequence. It might be familiar ground but the news is welcome and we always liked the idea of this movie taking place outside of the core LA setting. We need something FRESH but make no mistake we still want it to be BRUTAL.


Murcia will be, although for just a month, a Mexican city. In that they will convert some street, still to be determined, during the filming of an American superproduction whose director has chosen the city as a stage. And you will need dozens of extras. That is why these days are held at the Siete Corona hotel, a ‘casting’ to choose them. The person in charge of the selection, Yaël Moreno, lamented yesterday not being able to reveal of which film it is, although it added that, “just by saying his name, everybody would know it”.

It is, however, an American production that will be shot, among other Spanish locations, in Murcia. “They will transform a Murcian highway into a Mexican one,” Moreno added. For this, dozens of Latin American extras are needed, which will charge between 50 and 90 euros per day for the duration of the shoot.

It is planned to start shooting at the end of July and well into August. And Murcia will not only be Mexican for a few days, but will recreate American scenes. Moreno explains that they also need “people with a profile of Americans: corpulent, African-American … Because the film also includes shots in that country, which will be made in Murcia.” Those interested can go to the hotel, in morning and afternoon hours throughout today, or tomorrow morning Friday morning.

Thanks to Terminator Fan Javier Valera Cárceles for the news tip.

Source: laverdad.es

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