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Terminator (2019) Targets Murcia Corvera Airport as Filming Location

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On March 19th, 2018

In a previous report we looked at potential positives and negatives surrounding a possible plane sequence in Terminator (2019) AKA Terminator 6. In the initial report it was said to feature Schwarzenegger’s Terminator character in a plane crash sequence and a location in Austria was being considered…
The primary location of Murcia in Spain is now being looked at and a producer (potentially David Ellison) is looking/scouting for potential filming to take place at a defunct ‘ghost’ airport. The “Corvera airport and its accesses” are looking to be hired by studios.


As the airport has been closed for six years, it serves as the perfect setting for any film that intends to shoot sequences with airplanes. According to the media, the counselor of the Presidency and Development, Pedro Rivera, confirmed that they received the request for filming, although it remains to be seen if they will give permission to use the airport facilities; from the terminal, to the airstrip and its accesses.

Counselor of the Presidency and Development; Pedro Rivera also commented:

” We have not decided anything. We want to know first what exactly they want to do. When they materialize, we will see, “

Obviously more detailed information is required before an official thumbs up for plans can pass. It is unknown if Austria continues to be planned for another plane sequence or if this is the same one.

As very little is known about Terminator 6 it is unknown what the airport would be used for if it did become a location for the movie. They could potentially set decorate the ghost airport to look like a thriving and functioning populated airport- which could bring some great potential for a Terminator movie if used right. They could even turn it into a military base, or whatever the script requires.

Our initial concerns as always are in regard to CG and unrealistic VFX (we prefer practical Terminator FX movies/sequences) and the ramping of budget that could jeopardize the movie politically and with investors (you know, those people that demand political correctness and PG-13 cash in trash?). We want a very grounded/gritty and modest budget horror outing this time but we don’t mind money being put to good use if it is going to take things to some grand T2 style action for us to get back fully on board the Terminator train.

So, for now we will just say populated airport action and carnage? If it lives up to imagination then this could be a spectacle to behold…

Corvera Airport was intended to be a real functioning airport with the right funding, but could it be wiser for Spain to turn this airport into a lucrative/highly sought after Hollywood movie set location? Maybe a successful Terminator movie might convince Murcia that this might be a viable business move and regardless a future potential tourist attraction if it does finally become a real airport.

Source: Yahoo Spain via La Verdad Newspaper

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