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Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Give a Shit About Terminator 6 Title

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On October 20th, 2017

Is this a little bit of hype for Terminator 6; along the lines of James Cameron’s Wonder Woman comments… ?

We Exclusively reported that James Cameron and David Ellison don’t like Arnold calling the new movie Terminator 6.

Schwarzenegger revealed to TheTerminatorFans.com that James Cameron said the following to Arnold in a private meeting for the Untitled Terminator Reboot

“Arnold do me a favor, don’t ever say it’s Terminator 6.”

Producer David Ellison (owner of Skydance) also told Arnold

“Yeah, let’s not call it Terminator 6. Let’s just call it a sequel to Terminator 2”

In the meeting Schwarzenegger responded with the following…

“So I said guys… you really think you have the privilege and the right and the power to call it anything? They said (Cameron and Ellison) what are you talking about?
Arnold went on to say; “Well, people will call it what they want, so sure enough every fucking one will say TERMINATOR 6! TERMINATOR 6! TERMINATOR 6! TERMINATOR 6! I mean do you think people are stupid? After seeing the movie you may say it’s a great sequel to Terminator 2 but at the beginning everyone is going to be calling it the sixth Terminator.”

Now Schwarzenegger has told Metro US the following while promoting his new movie Killing Gunther:

“It’s really great to have a number 6. They hate calling it number 6 by the way. I don’t give a shit. They keep telling me, ‘Stop it. Don’t call it number 6 because it is going to destroy the franchise. You are fucking everything up Arnold.’ I can hear it already. But the press writes number 6 anyway if they like it or not. Which I think is really funny.”

The majority of Terminator Fans want Arnold to return back to his Rogue Terminator roots as a bad Terminator but on the surface it appears the actor is going rogue and rebellious against the new Terminator movie itself but this could just be a nicely agreed on piece of marketing skill to bring more attention to the sixth Terminator movie.

Not giving the movie a title is the root of the problem and we have said many times that they should just call the next movie TERMINATOR- but maybe the studio don’t want to take the huge gamble on what has become a brand name and risk sullying the name if the movie doesn’t turn out to be a masterpiece of film-making but calling the movie “Terminator” would display a huge amount of confidence and conviction,- which the project probably needs and would strengthen the hashtag #TERMINATOR for the movie and if this is the real Terminator 3 that they plan to make then we also have that lovely name loophole of Terminator 3D to call upon as it would be expected that the movie would have a 3D version rocking up in theaters if James Cameron is involved (which he is).

Are there any other reasons Arnold could be annoyed with James Cameron and David Ellison? Perhaps discussion that his role might be far more minimal in the next movie?

As always Arnold remains positive about the next Terminator movie but the fan base still needs some serious convincing that the bar is going to be raised for the next movie, regardless of the involvement of Schwarzenegger, Hamilton and Cameron.

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