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Exclusive: Untitled Terminator Reboot Will be a Reconnect Ignoring Non-Cameron Involved Installments

By: On September 22nd, 2017

If there was any debate of if Terminator 6 would retain any aspects of the other Terminator movies- it looks like that debate is over.

Yesterday we Exclusively revealed that Schwarzenegger confirmed that Terminator Genisys would be ignored in the timeline of the upcoming ‘Untitled Terminator Reboot’ and now it looks like all the Non-Cameron movies are being totally ignored too.

Terminator 6 Schwarzenegger News Exclusive

In a private discussion with correspondent Jonathan Tam; Arnold Schwarzenegger goes into more detail about how the studio Skydance and Producer James Cameron want the world to view the sixth Terminator movie. James Cameron and David Ellison do not want the world the view the next movie as Terminator 6 because it isn’t.

Schwarzenegger revealed that James Cameron said the following to Arnold in a private meeting for the Untitled Terminator Reboot

“Arnold do me a favor, don’t ever say it’s Terminator 6.”

Producer David Ellison (owner of Skydance) also told Arnold

“Yeah, let’s not call it Terminator 6. Let’s just call it a sequel to Terminator 2”

In the meeting Schwarzenegger responded with the following…

“So I said guys… you really think you have the privilege and the right and the power to call it anything? They said (Cameron and Ellison) what are you talking about?
Arnold went on to say; “Well, people will call it what they want, so sure enough every fucking one will say TERMINATOR 6! TERMINATOR 6! TERMINATOR 6! TERMINATOR 6! I mean do you think people are stupid? After seeing the movie you may say it’s a great sequel to Terminator 2 but at the beginning everyone is going to be calling it the sixth Terminator.”

Arnold has a point, even though this reboot is a Terminator 2 sequel everyone does call it Terminator 6 and ‘Untitled Terminator Reboot’ really doesn’t have the edge… this movie needs a real title soon. David Ellison and James Cameron do however hold the keys and the power to do as they wish and we welcome the Terminator 2: Judgment Day sequel with open arms but only if Arnold and Linda are the story focus/lead stars of the movie!

Regarding Cameron and the Terminator sequels/prequels/reboots he was not involved in…

“Cameron was not involved in the others, so he does not acknowledge the others.”

So, as well as ignoring Genisys- any possible thoughts that anything might be retained in regard to plot details from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) or Terminator Salvation (2009) are now out the window. Fans will now have to view those movies as separate stand-alone entities/offshoot timelines while we get back to James Cameron’s original timeline in the reboot.

Jonathan Tam our correspondent got into a small discussion with Arnold about timelines and how they don’t fit with Terminator 2. Especially in regard to Genisys as it pretty much erased the first two Terminator movies bar the introduction scene….

Jonathan said…

Terminator 2 and Genisys don’t really go together, so it’s either one or the other…


Exactly, that’s right, the timeline doesn’t work. Yes, it’s totally ignoring Genisys.

Jonathan went on to refer to the upcoming movie as more of a “Terminator 2.5” which is definitely a more suited title and one that could be a fall back if the loophole suggested of Terminator: 3D doesn’t work out… overall they should also just probably call this movie TERMINATOR… ? Or will rights cause the movie to have a sub-title eg. TERMINATOR: {INSERT NAME HERE}.

Arnold went on to praise Miller, Cameron and the story which includes a writer of Avatar which we know is Josh Friedman.

Regarding Linda Hamilton training for her role, Arnold put it very simply…

“She takes things very seriously”

There should be a nice edge of competitiveness between Schwarzenegger and Hamilton on who will have the biggest body transformation for Terminator 6. Arnold’s body continues to get in better shape every year since he left the Governor’s Office and Linda Hamilton already had strong “guns” in a recent news interview…

Terminator 2.5 is coming!

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Well, this is just insane and hurts my brains! You may call any consecutive installment whatever you wish but the complete erasure of events depicted in all non-Cameron movies (Terminator 3& Genisys, particularly) will add to bigger chaos in perception and understanding of these timelines introduced by every new movie anew! How should we approach what happened in Terminator 3, Judgement Day for instance? And the worst thing is that the movies were actually made, they are not just some stories churned out by whoever decided to put down the craziest things in his/her head in the way Expanded Universe… Read more »


Im glad that it will be this way… T3 and everything past it were just a parasites on the back of a great franchise.
they turned the great and realistic sci-fi idea in to some comic nonsence.


Cameron backed genisys 2 years ago and was even on the blueray bonus features. The only reason he has backtracked was because he had no choice. Fans have screamed for a direct judgement day sequel for years and now theyve got it. I for one will be treating genisys as the third sequel with the timeline reverting back to t2 once the post credit scene happens in genisys. Ive followed terminator since 1984 and love the original. But whilst i accept terminator 2 it was always overrated…… Ask yourself this if terminator 2 was so damn fantastic how come 3… Read more »