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Robert Patrick Training for Secret Terminator (2019) Role?

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On August 9th, 2018

On Saturday Robert Patrick is flying back to Kiev to finish filming his latest movie The Rising Hawk and has plenty of acting work on the horizon but has Robert just let slip that he might be involved with the new Terminator movie Terminator (2019) with a secret role or a cameo?

We are big fans of the first two Terminator movies- so we are obviously fans of Mr. Patrick and what he brought to the franchise, and many fans would like to see Robert back in the franchise as a T-1000 (suggested by past polls we’ve run).
What is very interesting is that Robert Patrick has been in heavy physical training lately; mostly at Gold’s Gym. Out of all his physical training videos in his Instagram stories,- most interesting to us was seeing him running like The T-1000.
Instagram stories delete themselves after time so some stories (most of them) eventually disappear. Why would Robert Patrick need to run like a machine again… ?

Years ago we asked Robert via a Huffpost Live interview if he would come back to the franchise but he pretty much said that unless key figures (like James Cameron, Linda Hamilton or Michael Biehn) were on-board he wouldn’t be interested and that a bad hip might prevent him from cutting up the tarmac with his famous T-1000 lightening speed run; overall stating that he was proud of his contribution to the franchise and he wants to leave that up there on the screen. However he has changed his mind (around the release of T2 3D Mr. Patrick suggested an interest in returning to the franchise) and now James Cameron is back as Executive producer, Linda Hamilton and Schwarzenegger have reprised their roles- Robert is interested in making a Terminator return!

The intense physical training seems to be allowing Robert Patrick to run again (despite previous issues) and wow he still has it.

Now, let’s get to the point; so listen very carefully! In some Instagram stories Robert Patrick mentions a secret project, he also mentions Budapest (where we know the new Terminator movie is filming) then Robert Patrick backtracks totally in a follow up video and says he meant Bulgaria, which then leads him to start talking about a new movie project ‘Jarhead’ but the thing is… we can’t find Jarhead on IMDb, bar a 2018 TV series and we know that this is an existing movie already with Jake Gyllenhaal, so was this a deflection on Robert Patrick’s part to totally take the light away from him coming back to Terminator?
Robert Patrick does seem like he is trying to cover his tracks on this one but we could be wrong and perhaps we are seeing something that isn’t there due to our fandom.

Do you think we are right and that Robert Patrick is coming back to the franchise as human or machine and does this excite you? Let us know in the comments below.


Sadly, Robert sent the following tweet regarding this report…

He is training for a role but apparently nothing to do with Terminator. This doesn’t mean he might not be in Terminator 7 or Terminator 8. If you want the original T-1000 back,- keep being vocal on social media. If you are loud enough the studios will hear.

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Juan Canino
Juan Canino

It will be great if they have a good history to tell us about the man used by Skynet as the T1000…why it choose him?


he was one of fighters from resistance who killed by T1000 and he shapeshifted to him. remember that T1000 is shapeless !

Eric Rylee

Yea I my feeling says he does and it be really great!

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

I hope to see him again one day before he goes out because he showed everyone that there is only one skynet T1000! if he returns even in a role other than the T1000 I will be very happy but especially it will be beautiful because it is missing a lot and I imagine well see him back in the franchise and they find themselves all the actors to tell us even more about the skynet story but especially who started this war? Will Robert Patrick be the t1000 again but this time so to help humans and destroy Gabriel… Read more »

John Connor
John Connor

Mind blown… What if Arnold and Robert are playing Traxler/Vukovich type human “buddy cop” characters? Like maybe they’re an Interpol team tracking down Sarah and John Connor, but somehow their likeness winds up in an A.I. database and Skynet selects them as the template for terminators in the future.

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