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Linda Hamilton’s Military Training for Terminator 2: Judgment Day with Uzi Gal

By: On December 21st, 2017

The character transformation of Sarah Connor from the first movie (The Terminator) to the second (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) is still hugely talked about today and imagining where her character would be today is one of the most interesting parts/strongest selling points of the upcoming Terminator 2 Sequel (Terminator 6).

We revealed not so long ago that Arnold Schwarzenegger had told infiltrator Jonathan Tam; that Linda Hamilton was already in physical training to reprise her role as Sarah Connor for the 2019 retcon/requel/reboot. We understand there is tremendous pressure on Linda Hamilton to break out her biceps for the next Terminator movie but in 1991 she also had tremendous pressure to get in a top physical shape in only a few months and also following having a child but Linda did it and she became a true feminist icon, respected by women and men all around the world.

James Cameron:

“I called Linda. She didn’t want to be the little waitress that she played the first time, she said, ‘I want to be crazy.'”

Gamespot now have an Exclusive clip from the new documentary which is featured on the new home release of James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about her transformation under the expertise of the late Uzi Gal who trained Linda with military precision to become a warrior. Uzi Gal also trained Robert Patrick into a liquid metal killing machine.

Thank you James Cameron, William Wisher, Uzi Gal and Linda Hamilton. Our love for Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor is timeless.

The 4K release of Terminator2: Judgment Day, complete with the new documentary T2: Reprogramming The Terminator, arrives on Tuesday December 26 in the United States.

Video clip source: Gamespot 

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