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Exclusive: Interview with Legendary Terminator Composer Brad Fiedel

By: On April 6th, 2015

Recently we had the honor of asking some questions to the man who created the heartbeat of the machines- Brad Fiedel, many Terminator fans to this day wish for his return to scoring Terminator movies. Both Jim Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd used Brad’s musical talent on the first two movies.

Brad Fiedel also knew when to stand his ground in terms of composing and the musical vision of the machines, even willing to convince Jim Cameron of the direction he wanted to go with the structure; he was willing to be bold with the classic theme- which became something very intrinsic to the Terminator story.

So the question of everyone’s lips is… will Brad Fiedel ever “be back”? That question is now answered.

Both Jim Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd have touched upon the idea of a Terminator reboot in future. If the Hollywood power team asked you back to create the heartbeat of the machines again would you be willing to “be back” just one more time?

I have many original projects that I want to create in the coming years so I’m devoting my time to those. If Jim wanted my help I would be happy to be involved in some way to help conceive the musical approach and theme direction for a reboot, but probably not the cue by cue scoring.

Gale Anne Hurd and James Cameron

Carolco Pictures have returned from the ashes and are making BOT; said to be a Terminator style of movie. Would you be interested in doing music for a newly planned science fiction franchise like this with Terminator 2 producer Mario Kassar?


BOT Carolco Pictures

How did the live performances of your show “Borrowed Time” go?

The audiences’ reception of Borrowed Time has been very gratifying for me. People are finding their own stories of youthful dreams left behind re-activated by the show. Many leave saying they are motivated to get back to working on fulfilling them; on finding their way to make more of a difference in the world. Couldn’t ask for more!

– Are you planning any more live events in the future?

We are planning to do some touring in 2016. No firm dates yet.

Brad Fiedel Composer

You mentioned possible TV and Movie projects on your official website, can you tell us anything about these projects yet?

Mostly focusing on live theater at the moment, but have an animated project in development.

You play lots of varied styles of music; would you ever be interested in, say, visiting the opposite end of the spectrum by doing a motion score for an animated kids movie or a romantic comedy?

One of the projects I’m developing is an animated musical/adventure project. I’m not really looking at doing scores for others projects at this point in my life. There are wonderful composers out there doing such great work I don’t feel that’s where my most important contribution is at this point in my life.

Did you ever record any possible unused Terminator scores with a sequel in mind to T2?



Any future Terminator motion score releases (special editions) in the future pipeline?

Not that I know of at the moment.


Brad Fiedel Interview Terminator Composer

So there you have it; Gale Anne Hurd also told us much the same, Fiedel’s involvement with Terminator hinges on Jim Cameron rebooting and being at the helm. It is nice to think the franchise has stronger years ahead and lots of different iterations and story making possibilities for film makers.

Terminator is part of our pop culture like many other popular franchises and iconic characters out there. Terminator has had to face struggles that other movie franchises haven’t and it is a testament to the world envisioned by Jim Cameron. The incredible sound of the machines was always safe and respected in the hands of Brad Fiedel. Without question; he understood what Terminator was, and much excitement would come from his involvement with Terminator again. #AuthenticSound

Check out Brad’s official website by clicking here.

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