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The Terminator Cyberdyne Systems T-800 One Ounce Silver Proof Review

By: On November 13th, 2015


The Terminator Cyberdyne Systems T-800 One Ounce Silver Proof is a special product to us, not only because it is one badass metal motherf*cker (one that you won’t want to smash into junk) but that it is also dedicated to the legendary Hollywood movie producer John Daly.

T-800 The Terminator Coin Collectible

John Daly was responsible for greenlighting Terminator financially into reality with Hemdale Film Corporation. You can find out more about John Daly on our The Terminator Cyberdyne Systems T-800 One Ounce Silver Proof Announcement story and as always we recommend wikipedia and IMDb to find out more about the countless movies he worked on other than our beloved ‘The Terminator’.

The Terminator T-800

This collectible is available to purchase for fans in the US only. Which makes this even more special.

Additional info from the Neural-Net:

  • Officially licensed product by Stardust Silver
  • Dedicated to John Daly
  • Design created by Michael S. Berman
  • Manufactured by Sunshine Minting, Inc.
  • Exceptionally sculpted by world renowned metal sculptress, Heidi Wastweet
  • Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Round comes encapsulated with a the serial number engraved on the edge. Also included is a numbered  COA along with a Terminator-themed holder.
  • Limited mintage of 5,000 rounds.
  • Edge is engraved with serial number matching the certificate of authenticity.
  • Price: $79.99


The inspiration for the packaging comes from Tiffany & Co. (the classic robin egg blue packaging with black text) and it gives a level of class to the product in-keeping with a level of quality that die-hard Terminator fans look for with any ‘The Terminator’ purchase.

Stardust Silver The Terminator Coin

The blue color tone fits in perfectly with the style of the first movie reminding us of the better retro-active days of the terminator franchise.

Stardust Silver The Terminator Back PackagingOn the back of the packaging you can read the tagline that starts the movie on such an epic darkness, void of hope. They created ‘THE TERMINATOR’ the title of the movie being displayed in the original and classic font. While simple in design the outer packaging of this commemorative coin packs a punch strong enough to get you excited to open it with intrigue.

Stardust Silver The Terminator Coin PackagingA simple pull to the left reveals the insert which houses the coin. This is just generally a nice touch.

Stardust Silver The Terminator Commemorative CoinOn the reverse of the insert it holds basic information of the coin and the edition number of this limited edition run. Over 30 years (31 to be exact) later and this movie still gives back excitement to fans.

On opening the insert you will instantly be presented with a certificate of authenticity matching the edition number on the back of the insert. Additional more in depth information of the coin is displayed.

Stardust Silver The Terminator Certificate of Authenticity
The coin sits perfectly as the menacing glow of red from the iconic T-800 Endoskeleton’s eyes brings instant focus to the coin in all its glory.
The Terminator Coin Inside
The coin itself is in a special plastic case to protect it with the efficiency of a Terminator. The coin can be removed from its case should you wish to.

A very neat touch is the “I’ll be back” quote hidden under the coin!

I'll be back The Terminator
The Terminator Coin Front
The coin features the fantastic Endoskeleton in his domain… the future war. We see the war torn streets of LA in extremely high detail, with a burnt out car and a Aerial HK (Flying Hunter Killer) looming overhead. It is extremely difficult to take images that do the product true justice after all silver is a highly reflective metal, but if you see one in the flesh you will understand just how special it really is. The amount of cybernetic detail is exceptional.
Stardust Silver The Terminator Coin Back
It is worth noting how heavy the coin feels for its size. The back of the coin features Cyberdyne Systems blue-prints of the T-800 CSM-101 (Schwarzenegger) design.

This collectible is beautifully designed, brilliantly burnished and stunningly detailed; very much befitting of the legendary first movie and the cool metal tones so inherent in the franchise as a whole. This, my friends, is currency the SkyNet way,- two words to describe it? Bloody glorious.

Terminator Silver Coin

We totally recommend this item for any Terminator Fan looking to celebrate over 30 years of Termination. Own the mintage of 2029 today!

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