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By: On March 11th, 2019

Hachette Partworks are back with issue 2 of The Terminator: Build The T-800 and it was an enjoyable experience- although slightly more fiddly this time around but we’re definitely not complaining…

The actual magazine this time around is slightly lacking in Terminator content but fans of Iron Man are in for a treat (yes, this magazine collection did promise to touch upon other science fiction cinema icons) but for “The Terminator” Fans; the lack of The Terminator (1984) content is healed by a segment on robotic arms… you know, the ones that confused the T-800 in the final scenes of the first movie.

Issue 2 also features pricing in dollars for NZ (New Zealand) and AUS (Australia). We will continue to offer fans a chance via our social media to shout-out the countries you would like to see Build The T-800 to have a release.

The Terminator Build The T-800 Screwdriver Set

If you subscribed- you will be receiving your first gift (if you haven’t already) of a screwdriver and tweezers set. While these items were not required in assembly of this issue’s parts, we’re sure that these will come in handy further down the line.

Build The T-800 Issue 2 Endoskeleton Parts

Issue 2 came with the following components

The Terminator Build The T-800 Magazine Issue 2 Endoskeleton Parts
Right Arm and upper jaw/teeth components

We have received some feedback from fans who found the use of different screw shapes and sizes confusing but we managed the job without too much stress.

By the end of this issue you should have the following parts party constructed. We have seen some fans skipping ahead (confident builders) and even doing additional chrome finishes to metal parts but we will be following the instruction to a “T”.

The next issue promises to provide power to those LED eyes, build a tricep and a finger! The finger part sounds minimal but we bet it might turn out to be a nightmare!

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