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Tim Miller Thinks Terminator Fans Will Be Happy With Dark Fate

By: On March 10th, 2019


Terminator: Dark Fate (Terminator 6) Director Tim Miller, recently spoke to the Observer at SXSW (Conferences & Festivals to celebrate the interactive, film, and music industries), to promote his new Netflix series; Love, Death & Robots, which is in collaboration with David Fincher.

The Observer asked Tim about the new Terminator movie, and tried to ascertain information on the whereabouts of Terminator legend John Connor. Tim Miller had this to say:

“I think Terminator fans will be happy, I just tried to make the best film we could. As a fan, I know there are things people want to see and questions they’d like answered right now. But I’d never ruin that by telling details ahead of the movie. I just think they’ll be happy with it.”

Tim Miller (Director of Terminator: Dark Fate)

We find it refreshing that Tim is willing to retain an air of mystery about Terminator: Dark Fate, as Terminator Genisys was not subtle in its marketing, or the way information was disclosed in relation to the plot of the movie. Hopefully unlike the 5th Terminator movie (which learned after the fact that less is more); Dark Fate won’t be subject to a script leak nor a trailer that reveals the biggest plot twists of the movie.
We feel reassured that (thus far) the studios have learned from previous mistakes in that regard.



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Gershom Reese Wetzel

We certainly hope so. I like that he isn’t giving anything away, despite that the anticipation is killing me. Still, I highly doubt they’d do something so final as killing John Connor. That was the original ending of Terminator: Salvation and essentially what happened in Terminator: Genisys. I highly doubt that James Cameron himself and Tim Miller would repeat that mistake a third time.

Edward Balint
Edward Balint

I’m certainly not surprised that both Tim Miller and Arnold Schwarzenegger are commenting positively about Terminator: Dark Fate. Arnold has said glowing things about all of the sequels and the directors of those movies. But I definitely appreciate Miller, Arnold and James Cameron answering questions about T6. And the John Connor question continues to be the albatross hovering over Dark Fate. A return of Edward Furlong never appeared to be realistic. But I fully support the premise of anchoring the story around Sarah Connor, and I believe the ending of T2 opens the door for a creative and compelling storyline… Read more »

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

We all hope! I am very excited ! I would really like to keep the T800 Sarah Connor and John Connor who are the 3 elements essential to this mythical saga <3