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Terminator 6 Will Have Underwater Action

By: On November 4th, 2018

Boats, water, Jumps, harnesses… yes, this is according to Terminator 6 star Natalia Reyes, who in a recent interview with El Pais; stated that the new Terminator movie is taking the action to below new depths- of the watery kind. This will be a new angle for a theatrical Terminator movie,- though this is something Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles utilized pretty well in the season 2 episode: “The Mousetrap”, and it will be interesting to see how these scenes are executed on the big screen in 2019.

Natalia talking about Terminator action/stunts in water:

“It has been a giant production, there are a thousand things that I have never seen. So I am learning and surprising myself every day, trying to enjoy every second and every adventure, because every day there is something different. We have a lot of special effects, helicopters, boats, water, jumps, harnesses, or rather, it’s all an action production, so I’m learning, happy.”

On the high physical demands the production placed on her, Natalia says…

“It has also been a very hard work, it is six months of shooting, many hours, every day, of a very high physical demand, so it is very hard work, but I am very happy and grateful.”

Natalia also said that each character had different preparations to go through for the scenes…

“Each character can demand something different. ‘Terminator’ is an action movie, it requires a lot of physical agility, we have had a lot of training for the scenes under water, with the harnesses, in the helicopters, there is a lot of action and we had to prepare a lot for this kind of scenes, but Each character requires a different preparation.”

On having a stunt double:

“In the movie all have double the security issue and to have them as an option, but the truth is that I tried to do as many things as I could.”

Natalia talked also about working with Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“Yes, here we have already been shooting with him. He is a very intelligent man, having one that idea of ​​’Terminator’ and seeing him today 70 years old and with that strength, with that desire to work and have him on set, is super fun. It’s a fortune to be able to make scenes with someone like him.”

Are you looking forward to seeing potential boat chases and underwater scenes in Terminator 6?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: El Pais

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Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

it’s pretty cool to know that there will be a party in the water and boat chases! to see how it will look with the final scene and the 3D telescope on screen!

Giles Bennett Tyson
Giles Bennett Tyson

This must be immediately after the supposed helicopter crash. It will be interesting to see if they spend any prolonged amount of time underwater — we know they have the budget for it!