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Linda Hamilton Wraps on Terminator 6 Phoenix

By: On November 5th, 2018


Actress Fruzsina Cseh posted a picture at the wrap party of Terminator 6 with none other than Sarah Connor…

Linda Hamilton Terminator 6 Phoenix

🎃Terminator 6-Phoenix wrap party with Linda Hamilton 🎆😍
Stand-in girls 🎬🎥

Interestingly Fruzsina refers to the project as Terminator 6- “Phoenix”; so we did some digging and John Doe Movie Reviews on Youtube also referenced an article on talking to actor Enrique Arce.

Enrique stated the following back in June:

“I have an agent in London. I did a first test and then the second one. They liked me and they called me to work in ‘Terminator 6: Phoenix’ ”

He continued on about the involvement of James Cameron:

“It is very impressive to know that the person behind this opportunity is someone like Cameron, who has directed ‘Titanic’, It’s a great production of Hollywood machinery,”

On his character he added…

“It is a secondary character but it is a luxury to share a project with the initial protagonists of the saga, they lent us the script but then they took it from us,”

Enrique also said he was unsure when filming would film/wrap but stated it would be anytime between when he took the interview and November, which was bang on.

Terminator Phoenix

The movie might not be called “Terminator 6 Phoenix”, Phoenix could just be a working title; in the way that Project Angel was Terminator Salvation’s studio/working title and Vista was Terminator Genisys’ working name.

What do you think about the title Terminator Phoenix? Is the Terminator franchise going to rise from the ashes like a phoenix?


If we want a biblical style title for the new Terminator movie similar to Phoenix then possibly the movie could be called Terminator: Resurrection? That would make sense to us!

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Keep it simple. Call it: Terminators

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

For me I will see terminator resurrection for me and it seems that according to the votes and poll it is preferred to phoenix and others and it’s rather good news!


Phoenix does’t fit with the terminator universe. It is like you call it ‘Rambo: Rainbow in paradise’. And resurrection is so damn cheesy. We already have Alien resurrection.
A much better title that really hits the spot is Terminator 3: System failure. The reason I choose this title is cause there are many different systems like political system, war defense system, techno system. This all causes human mankind problems. And Sky net becomes aware of that and wants to erase us.


A pretty poor title, especially for a film that’s trying to restore its prestige.

Outside of a simple title like Terminator, the only other appropriate titles would have been Terminator 2.5 or Terminator 3.1. There should be no 6 anywhere in the title.

By the way, the legend of the Phoenix has nothing to do with the bible. It appears nowhere in the bible.

Terminator: Genisys, however, is pretty biblical…

eric sanders

yes that a good title terminator resurrection is perfect its will debut on next november can wait to watch it i saw terminator genisys my favorite movie ever the winner is terminator resurrection will be rated pg-13 or rated r


Phoenix? I’m in! I’ve already got the tattoo and also a t-shirt with a phoenix wearing shades with a single glowing red eye saying “I’ll be back” 🙂

Giles Bennett Tyson
Giles Bennett Tyson

Wow, this studio is soo pretentious; I mean, we already have a codename for it: “Terminator 6”. What a pointless exercise — and I hope it is, because “Phoenix” is not feeling right. Actually, why has just simply incrementing a number gone out of fashion in Hollywood? Just leave it literally as “Terminator 6” — it worked fine for “Jack Slater 5”.

eric sanders

okay next november if the trailer drop its will call either terminator phoenix or terminator resurrection the sixth chapter of the terminator series after that its will be the seventh chapter like terminator 7 with the title i love terminator movies and shows what if syfy could make a tv series from terminator genisys and terminator 6 and more please reveal the title for the sixth terminator movie next fall