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Terminator 6 Appears to Have Biggest Budget Yet

By: On October 11th, 2018

Terminator 6 actor; Enrique Arce, may have let slip the budget of the new Terminator movie in a recent interview regarding the movie. In the interview itself Enrique could not reveal much as he has signed an 8 page NDA.

Enrique Arce Terminator (2019)

Watch the following video for a comprehensive rundown of the recent report citing a potential budget for the new Terminator movie; including rough comparisons of previous Terminator movie budgets.

We have mentioned our views; that (in our opinion) if the budget could come down in order to provide more violence and horror, we would prefer it but this larger budget suggests upping the action for a more T2 style of project (large action blockbuster).

If 255 million (as referenced by Enrique Arce) is the actual budget,- then Terminator 6 is still the most expensive Terminator movie to date, even with taking inflation into account but could that large budget come at the cost of artistic integrity and PG-13 concerns… ?

Arce’s dropped the 255 million figure while discussing the differences of American and Spanish film making (translated from

“the month of July was filming a film in Valencia and at the same time I was filming Terminator 6 in Budapest. It has nothing to do with one another, in the first there are 50 people and in the other 2,500. One was worth two million euros and the other 255 million.
Money sends, and when you have a production of that type, in addition to a country where they know how to do things for a long time, it changes a lot at all levels. That is why it is impossible for a Spanish film to compete with an American one. It is unfair, because it costs the same an entrance to see Terminator than to see a Spanish film and yet the cost of production is much lower.”

Also that 8 page confidentiality contract and the effort going in to making the movie a secret- should make sure that when fans see the movie they won’t have major surprises ruined.

“I could never imagine that I would be in the most-watched non-English-speaking series in history – ‘The Paper House’ – or that I would one day be filming with Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 6, and I’m doing both at the same time. I have signed eight pages of confidentiality contract, I can not even say the name of my character .

They also do not give us the script, they just pass us the paper that you have to say that day and then they pick it up. James Cameron is the producer and Tim Miller the director. Then there’s the cast in which Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger meet. I can not advance anything, all that information is on the page.”

So, what do you think about the potentially massive budget for the new Terminator; is it a good thing or do you see it as a bad thing? Comment below.


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Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

I think investing 255 M to achieve a new terminator is in my opinion too much because with only 6 M for the first was more than enough with the means for the time and more! Moreover to invest as much supposes to take at the same time a big risk but also to put everything in value (money) to satisfy the public to revive this serie after a defeat so called cooking of Genisys even if in my opinion it was a good action movie! So 255M to make the 6 assumes too much money to put everything forward… Read more »


well you have to accept 200m for a movie in the modern day is pittance

New labor laws, ohs, legal, costs of business, standards of living rising
to do the exact same task and remake 1984 Terminator bit for bit
Arnie salary *1000%
Extras Salaries UP
Road and property Closure and crowd control for filming UP
Lets not forget large chunk of the budget will probably be dedicated to cgi conversion of making the leads 40 years younger.
CGI takes hours at salary rate to generate 1 second of footage.