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Arnold Schwarzenegger on Terminator 6 Set

By: On October 11th, 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger has recorded a private message for someone from the T6 set, showing minimal battle damage (including also what looks like a healed scar). It looks like, for these scenes, that Arnold is wearing a military style jacket and aside from holding a giant gun- Arnold is also seemingly sat beside a huge military vehicle/jeep (sound off in the comments if you have other ideas).

Also notable is the blue screen for chroma keying, so expect something going on in these scenes that we can’t see until after post-production.

Thanks to Terminator Fan Sergey for sharing the video.

Terminator 6 from the looks of it is going to have a giant budget, find out how much money could be going into this film according to one of the cast by clicking here.

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Brad Fiedel needs to return please!

Biggest budget means biggest music


Maybe I am reading too much into this or I’d like to think I am spot on….Arnolds tone in this video is playing to a bad-ass and more serious performance this time round because I always remembered Arnolds T3 and T-gen on set-vids being more light-hearted and jokey; more like it was just some fun doing the role again. Arnold in this looks and feels Bad-ass

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

For the military jacket with the weapon can be a commitment with the resistance so rather half machine but human 🙂 <3