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Terminator (2019) to Partially Film in UK?

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On January 25th, 2018

Omega Underground claims that Terminator (2019) AKA Terminator 6 will partially film in the United Kingdom.

…we’ve now learned the United Kingdom is also going to be a shooting location for the project. It’s currently unknown if that the UK location is going to be used for stage work or just exterior scenes.

These three European filming locations could suggest that the story’s setting might be finally moving outside of the United States. Los Angeles has been the primary locale throughout the franchise despite Judgement Day being a global event. Then again, it could be that there is studio space/crew available and tax incentives are appealing to Paramount/Skydance.

What can the UK offer a Terminator movie shoot? Well, the UK might have some old school war bunkers/underground sets that might appeal to future war scenes, or if they want to have a change of setting; the streets of London might make an interesting backdrop for a high octane car chase, regardless Terminator (2019) is shrouded in mystery,- it could go in any direction if the production does go to the UK.
It has previously been confirmed that the filming locations of Hungary and Spain will replicate a New Mexico setting in the movie, so the UK itself might not actually play part in the movie’s story, unless a journey takes place there as part of the plot. The UK might merely be a location to replicate another place and if interior lots or studios are used eg. somewhere like Pinewood Studios,- then we might not see Terminators blasting up central London, smashing into red buses or fighting on the streets/london underground (the tube) of the UK but who knows.

Terminator 6 2019 UK Filming Location

Thanks to Terminator Fan Matt for the tip off.

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