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Schwarzenegger No Longer Considered Greatest Terminator Villain?

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On January 22nd, 2018

The new cover of Empire features a host of cinematic villains and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘The Terminator’ is nowhere to be seen, but Robert Patrick’s T-1000 is front and center!

Empire T-1000 Villains Cover

Arnold Schwarzenegger has now been a good guy so often in the Terminator franchise and parodied the character for so long that maybe the T-800 just wasn’t cool enough to make it onto the cover of Empire’s Greatest Villains EVER issue.

Has Arnold been dethroned as supreme Terminator bad guy once and for all by the equally badass Robert Patrick? Get the March 2018 issue of EMPIRE to find out if the T-1000 statistically defeated the T-800 by fan opinion.

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Arnold’s ventures in ROTMachines and Genisys over the years have completely ruined whatever “serious menace” credibility the original evil T-800 portrayal ever had.


Sumire K.
To fix this issue, he (or Brett Azar as a Terminator) needs to be a villain Terminator once again… and instead of the T-800 vs T-800 fight scene in Genisys there needs to be more of that. *IF* there has to be a good T-800… then “Uncle Bob/Pops/Whatever”, Sarah, John and whomever else gets pulled along for the ride should all be on the run from the villain T-800 for the majority of Tim Miller & James Cameron’s T3, and not done in a way that merely makes it an homage to T1… but in a fashion that would actually… Read more »
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