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Terminator (2019) IMDb Updates Reveal New Talent Working on the Movie

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On January 22nd, 2018

So far IMDb has been pretty solid for revealing the cast and crew of Terminator (2019).

We know that Director Tim Miller has brought over a good number of his Deadpool crew to the project with the stunt update we did a while back,- including the news that Terminator (2019) Second Unit Director Philip J Silvera would be joining the project…

Jaime MaellasLocations (The Zone, Despido procedente, La embajada)

Lucienne SurenSupervising Art Director (Taboo, Doctor Who, The Inbetweeners Movie)

George AntzoulidesPrevis Supervisor (Thor, Star Trek: Beyond, R.I.P.D.)

Ken Seng Cinematography (Deadpool, Destiny 2: New Legends Will Rise – Live Action Trailer, The Family Fang)

The crew is filling out now for the next Terminator movie, which has a March 2018 target to start filming in locations in Spain, Budapest/Hungary to replicate the setting of New Mexico for the story starring Sarah Connor, Dani Ramos (new Mexican female central lead character) an Aged Terminator (programming unknown) and an Hispanic Terminator (quite possibly the villain).

The movie is apparently following in the footsteps of the Star Wars Reboot torch/baton pass model; leaving Hamilton and Schwarzenegger to pass the franchise over to a new female lead for the future of the franchise, which has been met with some fan criticism. If Terminator (2019) is a success it will spawn a new trilogy and if it fails it may be shelved for some time until interest peaks once again.

So far the details on the movie are not really floating our boat in the way that we had hoped,- for a multitude of reasons but hopefully a confirmed title, decent synopsis, an R Rating announcement and a teaser trailer to hype fans might turn things around.

Terminator 2019 Reboot Crew

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2019 Pledge: if a Solid, Uncompromising R is promised, then my butt is booked for the theaters.

Giles Bennett Tyson

For the last time: we don’t need a new trilogy; we don’t need a new hero; and we certainly don’t need yet another Terminator (this time latino). All we have ever dared ask for is a compelling conclusion (a.k.a. beginning) to the saga — completing the loop, so to speak. And do it smart and do it entertainingly. Is that really asking too much, in exchange for all our millions of dollars that will go to feed your children?

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