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Terminator (2019) Catral Set and Chase Filming Featuring Mackenzie Davis

By: On July 4th, 2018

Plenty of set decoration/preparation went into a Catral filming location for Terminator (2019) that has a chase sequence.

Remember this pink and white taxi shared with us by Terminator Fan Juan Aguado?

Well it will feature in a chase with the police, however it is unknown if the cop car contains the police, or Gabriel Luna’s Terminator perhaps… ?

Facebook user Denise Parsons posted the following images to Facebook…

Denise also posted a video which shows the vehicles hurtle around a corner and the screeching of tires can be heard…

A lot of preparation went into making this Spanish location look like Mexico as these photos by Catral Actual and photographer MOISÉS CRUZ show…

We finish with some images by Finca Villa Vera Vegabodas who managed to get some downtime on set and with Mackenzie Davis.

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