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Exclusive Closer Look at Some Terminator (2019) Vehicles

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On July 7th, 2018

Vehicles are being stored near to the Corvera Airport set of Terminator (2019) and we are going to guess due to the volume of vehicles; that they will be bringing a busy highway to life. We understand from previous reports that this highway will act as leading to the Mexico/U.S. border. Not only are there a good number of vehicles (including deliveries of additional cars) but also multiples of the same vehicle, which will point to destruction of vehicles for some high octane action!

We believe that Mackenzie Davis will be involved in a chase/be driving the pink and white Mexican taxi from our previous reports (check them out for an even closer look at the Taxi).
Fans will notice a familiar vehicle we have seen before in James Cameron’s Terminator movies too (T1 and T2) but with the license plate being different to the one in Terminator 2, we doubt its use has anything to do with previous movies but more of a nod and a common old school road vehicle.

Thanks to Mike from Murcia for bringing us the images and he said the following…

This is the closest I could get, the filming road, parking of vehicles and crew life zone are closed. Even so we can see interesting vehicles like two wagon type cars similar to the one that appears in T2 and an all-terrain Toyota of which they have a good handful of 4 identical so it will have some special role in the movie. Also two green SUVs with USAF license plates. In addition to several Mexican police vehicles, taxis, delivery trucks, etc. Green road signs are Mexican for filming, Blue road signs are actual Spain signs.

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