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Cyber Cafe Scenes Filmed for Terminator (2019)

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On July 4th, 2018

A quick shoot (aprox 4 hours) in the Los Mateos neighborhood in Cartagena showed Tim Miller and Gabriel Luna filming scenes in which the new Cybernetic Assassin (Luna) walks into a cyber cafe to speak to a waitress; we will guess this is to interrogate/ask the whereabouts of one of the other characters- like Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) for example.

laopiniondemurcia.es reports:

After the first days filming in Corvera , the recording set and the actors have moved to the Cartagena neighborhood of Los Mateos to continue with the filming of scenes from Terminator 6 .

The different scenarios used in the Region simulate locations in Mexico where the characters will develop the story.

From early in the morning, much of the team, including one of the leading actors, Gabriel Luna , and the director, Tim Miller , have been seen in some of the scenarios.

laopiniondemurcia.es has a couple of images in which we can see Tim Miller…

Cyber Cafe Tim Miller Terminator

A moment of filming in Los Mateos. Felipe García Pagán

Cyber Cafe Terminator

During the filming of these scenes some children committed a robbery in which one child (who was caught) was sent to prison.

laverdad.es reported:

Filming began at seven thirty in the morning and will end approximately four hours later. So that everything is as real as possible, the producer went yesterday to the Plaza Mayor of the neighborhood and the street Casas de Candela: removed from the various abandoned garages and transformed them into Mexican stores, with their corresponding signs and layers of paint. Some businesses will appear to be cybercafes, with computers and free internet access for the actors in the film; others will be greengrocers, because during all the days the residents of Los Mateos witnessed the arrival of large trucks loaded with bags and the hustle and bustle of people, pending the script and the mobile phone. Not in vain, you have to have everything spinning for the recording, because it will be necessary for the Local Police to cut the traffic.

Cyber Cafe Terminator

Un garaje de Los Mateos, con cartelería de tienda mexicana, ayer. / PABLO SÁNCHEZ / AGM

laverdad.es reports:

The Mateos and its surroundings are from yesterday armored by several officials and security guards, to facilitate the recording of the scenes to the producer. At seven thirty in the morning of this Wednesday, the accesses to the narrow street Casas de Candelas were cut to traffic, and the most early-risers could hardly see anything of the shooting.

The aforementioned street was for a few hours a Mexican suburb: the production company yesterday removed several abandoned garages from their belongings and converted them into a cybercafé. That was the only place where the cameras entered: they caught a conversation between an actress, who was a waitress, and a young man who played the role of ‘Terminator’ (the presence of the media Arnold Schwarzenegger was discarded). There were no explosions, shootings, or persecutions and the entire work team traveled to the Polígono Cabezo Beaza around nine in the morning.

There, access to the A-30 motorway and the second roundabout on Londres Street will be cut off to traffic, until around 8 pm. There are pink and white taxis , in addition to other vehicles, with cameras to record inside. There will also be filming on July 17, 27 and 28, in Ramón y Cajal street, the Los Barreros bridge and the La Palma highway.

laverdad.es also has a good number of set photos, here are a couple…

First off Tim Miller…

Tim Miller Terminator Set Cartagena

Warning: Some Terminator Fans may find the following image disturbing…

Gabriel Luna Terminator Set Cartagena

Musical Terminator? Gabriel Luna is filmed walking towards the Cyber Cafe playing guitar. Either this is some god awful stink fourth wall breaking trash by Tim Miller or just some lighting reference/test filming for scenes/or a news report? Hopefully this is just a joke to get fans cursing. Although a Terminator that plays discorded notes to erupt peoples brains could be a fun idea for the new Terminator villain (joke).

See the full gallery over at laverdad.es by clicking here

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He could just be playing for fans?

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

it seems odd to me that it’s also during a shoot to play for the fans unless they’re done filming the scene but we still see Tim Miller and his camera! Let’s be careful !


Há um cara com a mesma roupa dele atrás da árvore… Seria um duble?


john connor droping some false intel…

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