Scoop: Terminator (2019) Title Not Confirmed and Fan Concerns

By: On April 24th, 2018


After an event in China to unveil a co-financing partnership on the new Terminator Reboot between Skydance and Tencent; two titles have been used to talk about the new Terminator movie. In translated publications Terminator (2019) and in visual graphic The Terminator 2019. reached out to Skydance for comment on the new titles circulating the web regarding this announcement in China…

The title is still not confirmed

Terminator Fan Pete Keyes and Prakash Mukherjee have a positive outlook on “The Terminator 2019” title…

We also asked fans what they might want the movie to be called based on those names of “The Terminator 2019”, “Terminator” and “Terminator 2019”- we think Terminator: tagline is becoming a little stale personally but here is some of the feedback.

If the year 2019 does become part of the title doesn’t really mind the idea that much as long as they can make some importance out of the year in the story and make it as iconic as the year 2029 is to the lore of the saga. Although simply calling the movie Terminator allows that 3D loophole to call the movie Terminator 3-D. Time will reveal a title regardless.

TERMINATOR 2: PureArts T-800 Battle Damaged Edition 1/1 Scale Art Mask and other fans are worried about the co-financing deal between Tencent and Skydance determining an age rating on the movie,- the fans keep insisting on a return to the dark tone/horror and sci-fi action of the first two movies…

If the studios continue to ignore the fans it will have devastating consequences for all involved professionally but there will always be a fall guy and we know who that is… *cough* Tim Miller *cough*.

Some of us are just struggling to get excited…

We are still trying to remain positive based on this very outlook…

We always do our best to read all of your comments and to reflect the majority opinion within this community. All we can say is keep being vocal and we will do our best to make sure you are heard.


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3 years ago

Since I don’t know the plot, I don’t really have a title suggestion, but calling it “Terminator” creates unnecessary hassle distinguishing it from the first movie. I hope they come up with something more clever.

Also, I completely agree that it should be a return to the franchise’s hard R-rating roots. My fear is that, as with the other non-Cameron sequels, they’ll decide that PG-13 will make for a more marketable product and end up churning out another watered down mess like Genisys.

3 years ago

How about calling it ‘Terminators’? We know nothing about the plot but I think it would work. You’ll avoid confusion with the original, it’s simple – I think it would work.

As long as the story is good and is RATED R!!!!! I’m good 👍🏼

3 years ago

Perhaps people in general that haven’t been too amused with previous Terminator films might not give this movie a chance at the theatres if the title is very identical from there memory, That’s one reason to offer a fresh title. The title is important it explains the tone of the film and what to expect, here’s two comparisons think of Batman Begins vs. The Dark Knight, Batman Begins in true honestly utilisers a title that is recognizable though sounds childish but prolonged as well, Then we have The Dark Knight, it sounds way cooler, seems mature and was a fresh… Read more »

3 years ago

Terminator 3.0

It tells the fans everything they need to know; that this is a direct continuation of T2. It does so without leaning on the whole 3D platform, whether the film makes that format or not, it would be cheesy to call it 3D.

Calling it anything other than a variation of Terminator 3 would be to undersell the objective of making the other sequels obsolete. The problem is you have to get cute about how you call it Terminator 3, because the rights to that are obviously in the hands of Warner Brothers.