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REVIEW: Terminator 2: Judgment Day Anniversary Official Trading Cards

By: On November 2nd, 2017


Unstoppable Cards Terminator 2: Judgment Day Anniversary Trading Cards are totally worthy of the Terminator 2 name and license. All your favorite moments and characters are perfectly captured on the trading cards. Long gone are the days of buying millions of packs of cards, getting endless doubles/multiples of the same cards, now just by buying the standard box you get the full base set. Yes, for the completionists among us who may want to purchase box after box to get rare auto cards, production plates, film cell cards and the many sketch cards out there… if you want to break the bank to do so you have that option.

Terminator 2 Unstoppable Cards Unboxing

For those fans who just want a meaty base set/card collection these cards are of excellent quality, the print job and the clarity of the images is simply perfect. The reverse side of the base card sets also make up larger poster style images.
Some fans may want to buy two base card sets just so they can frame the images the create together. Featuring all the main cast; the larger images are fun to put together and one of them is a Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D poster which makes the set even more relevant and makes it feel even more up to date but the cards still hold a retro quality that definitely pleased us when we looked through them.

Unstoppable Cards Terminator 2 Cards Review

In the particular pack we opened we were happy to find a signed auto card by Mark Christopher Lawrence (The Burly Attendant) and also a sketch card of an Endoskeleton by Artist Jamie Richards. Our film cell card was that of the Cyberdyne assault and the Film Cells are taken from an official old school trailer reel for T2, holding them up to the light and taking that glimpse at a real film cell is a sheer joy in itself- it reminds you of when film making was reel.

T2 Unstoppable Cards Auto Sketch Cell

How did we feel getting the random treats inside? Well, the urge is instantly there to buy another box… if you have problems with spending or gambling be then perhaps be wary when opening up a box of these cards as it may well be the start of an addiction!
T2 is the perfect family movie (by our standards) and you will feel like a child again but possibly without the crying part, that would depend how emotional you are and if T2 had an impact on your childhood.

Sarah Connor T-800 Unstoppable Cards Series 1

So now you have all these damn pretty cards and you’re getting your grubby little paws all over them… holy fuck- why didn’t you think about this shit when you first bought them… FINGERPRINTS and SMUDGES! Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day you are going to need a protector and what better way to do it than with the OFFICIAL Unstoppable Cards Terminator 2: Judgment Day Anniversary Binder.

Unstoppable Cards Terminator 2 Binder

The front the binder features the remastered/3D release poster artwork of Schwarzenegger’s T-800 who has your cards covered from the front and Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) totally has your back- all you need now is some protective sleeves, for those extreme pristine collectors you might want to get some rubber gloves and carefully put all your cards in one by one before fully enjoying them. The binder is of a great quality and a ‘must have’ to go with your starter set.

Unstoppable Cards Terminator 2 Binder Cards Unstoppable Cards Terminator 2 Trading Cards Review

Overall this is very much all positive and we do highly recommend the cards, they are special and they so are damn cool.

Sadly these cards are not available in the US but if you want to order them and get a 15% discount use T2FANS at checkout over at


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