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Linda Hamilton Had Concerns Over Terminator 6 Script

By: On February 7th, 2019

Digital Spy managed to get some time with James Cameron while he was promoting Alita: Battle Angel, and was asked what it was like to work with Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

James Cameron Alita: Battle Angel

James revealed that Linda had concerns, and that Arnold needed to have parts of the script explained to him.

“You know, I didn’t work that closely with Linda. She had some concerns about the script. I wound up writing a few pages based on her questions and notes, when they were really just getting into the start of principal photography. “

– James Cameron

Arnold Schwarzenegger also had some questions about how to deliver certain scenes…

“Arnold, as always, is a dream to work with. He wanted things explained, like, ‘Why does the character do this? Why does the character do that?’ I said, ‘Here’s why. Here’s how it works. There are a couple of funny scenes – this is how you’ve got to play them so that it’s not too much, and not too little’.

He said, ‘OK, I’ve got it. I’ve got it, I’ve got it’. And he went off to Budapest, and did it. So we have a shorthand. He and I have a shorthand.”

– James Cameron

Linda Hamilton just doesn’t f*ck around when it comes to Terminator scripts, as we know she refused to star in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines because… well, let’s face it, the script was below par.

Digital Spy claims that James Cameron tweaked the script, James Cameron claims he wrote some pages based on her (Linda’s) questions and notes… we do not know if these were actual script pages- or simply explanations and notes for Linda Hamilton as an actresswho wanted to give her best to the role.

Our hopes are still very tentative for the new Terminator movie but we’re giving it a chance for Linda, Jim and Arnold; so let’s see.

This latest news is hardly music to our ears, as it just reminds us of déjà vu regarding Linda Hamilton being unhappy with Terminator scripts in the past. No surprise though, that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s scenes are intended to be for laughs, and no matter how well intended- this raises concerns for us.

Ultimately, Linda must have been comfortable enough to go ahead with the project; either that or the pay packet was just too good to refuse and, well, we just can’t blame Linda either way… we’re just glad she came to back to try and fix the mess left by T3, T4 and T5.

Thanks Linda.

Here is a fan poster we have made of Sarah Connor and the T-800 together for the new Terminator movie.

Terminator 6 Poster Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton T-800 Arnold

Final thoughts… please stop the humor…

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Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

This is not reassuring and it reassures me not at all. Weird that Linda Hamilton is saying that while she is back to work alongside Cameron! Even if Cameron was caught by Alita Battle Angel and Avatar 2 it still supposes that he was there to supervise the whole thing alongside a great director like T.Miller and that he had already written his script before! Will it really be fair to divert attention from the eyes of fans or is it wrong to engage in this cult saga of science fiction that will leave us on a failure and a… Read more »

Ross Cooper
Ross Cooper

We have to remember that Jim Cameron put the writers room together and they are working off his ideas for the future of Terminator not their own.

What Cameron probably did is a little polish, but Cameron himself would’ve put a stop to this new film if it wasn’t up to snuff as he now has controlling rights over the Terminator Franchise again.

I think this is once again being blown out of all proportion.

Chris Rice
Chris Rice

I don’t see how you can be worried. James Cameron nails action movies every time. This film will be a return to form. Looking forward to it.


It seems that if both Arnold and Linda are concerned or confused by the script, we’re talking some substantial changes in character or plot trajectory. I would guess that Linda’s apprehension about the story comes from where Sarah has been, what she is doing now in relation to the story and possibly, what is going on with her now that John Connor is seemingly gone. She seemed pretty well convinced that her character had been fully written, as of the end of T2. That whatever writers tried to do with Sarah, it would tread into redundancy. What’s more worrisome is… Read more »

Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

It will play in principle a nasty terminator the 101-01 model of the first tier

Edward Balint
Edward Balint

First off, I want to thank for its impassioned and thorough coverage and reportage of the upcoming movie. Excellent work. I also respect and appreciate the views and opinions shared by fans who all desperately yearn for a movie worthy of the first two films, or at the very least, a more competent and satisfying sequel than the prior three. With that said, here are my top five reasons to be both optimistic and pessimistic about the 2019 version of Terminator. Signs of Promise 1. The presence of James Cameron. What I hope he contributes to the film most… Read more »


I hope this movie sucks……and not for me. I love the terminator franchise.!!! But for all the winging fanboys. Ive followed terminator and star wars since thier inception and there was nothing wrong with the last jedi and thier was nothing wrong with terminator genisys. Hate all you want but fanboys only want the originals. Our future in movie filmaking will see fanboys write, direct, and star in these movies in the future. Know why? Because everytime a director does something you dont like or agree with it gets shoved on the shitpile. The star wars solo movie was virtually… Read more »

Lord Fand Angus

“Linda Hamilton just doesn’t f*ck around when it comes to Terminator scripts”. Sorry, but so what? This doesn’t mean the movie will be authomatically good. Mark Hamill is very passionate about Luke Skywalker but this didn’t stop Last Jedi from killing the franchise.