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Mackenzie Davis Says There is a Lot of Humor in Terminator (2019)

By: On April 18th, 2018

Terminator (2019) or Terminator 6 as some people prefer to call it (name the movie already); is a movie failing to excite the fans with each new lackluster announcement- post the return of Linda Hamilton, James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While some of us are already pretty unimpressed,- Mackenzie Davis has now probably made us even more unimpressed in an interview with Metro US.

On working with Linda Hamilton…

“I am super excited,” Davis declared. “I am super excited to be doing it with Linda Hamilton. I think it is such an iconic thing that she is returning to this world. And that I get to be a part of her returning to it.”

On Tim Miller…

“I was excited to join ‘Terminator’ because of Tim Miller. I really liked him. I really wanted to work with him.”

“Through the audition process and talking to him I just got more excited. I think it is really cool. I think it is a special iteration and an addition to a long franchise that deserves another chapter. Because it is cool and I am so excited to see what he is going to do with it.”

When asked what Tim Miller will bring to Terminator 6 Mackenzie states…

“Definitely there is a lot of humor. He wants to ground it.”

“Like he says, ‘He doesn’t like action movies.’ He wants movies that make people feel things and aren’t just 2 and a half hours of action and clanging metal.”

“He wants to make sure that you really connect to the characters and their journey and that all the colors of human life are in the movie. Not just fighting and destruction.”

“That’s the only thing that interests me as an actor. All the other stuff is fun and I am excited to do the action sequences and use my body in a way that it has never been used before.”

“I want to tell a story that I really connect to. And that’s his priority. So I am just excited to work with someone like that in an action movie.”

Yes, there are a spectrum of emotions a good movie needs but we hope that Tim Miller understands that this isn’t fucking Deadpool…

There’s always something a little off when people repeatedly use the same words in order to describe something; “it is cool” “really cool” the lady doth protest too much methinks. It comes across as almost robotic and scripted- emotionless, passionless and hollow, if an actor sounds apathetic about a role they have inhabited or are about to inhabit then it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the prospective audience.

Then there’s “He doesn’t like action movies.”… Tim… Why are you even here? Why bother to work in a genre that you hate? Sounds like yet another director trying to reinvent/re-imagine/demolish a preexisting franchise/idea in order to feed some fragile artistic ego. Terminator is action, it’s in its blood, it grew from the darkness of horror, carnage and blood and that is where it belongs. Terminator is not another superhero movie. please don’t shoehorn in your creativity at the expense of a franchise that deserves better. The fans deserve better. keep your jokes, we had enough of those with Elton John glasses and age jokes to last a lifetime; what we need is what we asked for… go back to the fucking roots. If you don’t get that then you don’t get anything.

Box of tissues Mr. Director?


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Tyler Hatt
Tyler Hatt

Don’t fuck this up if you do I blame you Tim cuz you said it “I don’t like action movies” the other terminator movies 3 4 and 5 I like don’t hate just have somethings I don’t like for example why couldn’t they continue from t2 or at least in t4 be somewhat like we have saw in t1 and t2 and in t5 why make John bad I mean it was cool to see John different but why bad…. like I said before I like the last 3 terminator movies in there own way but it’s little things in… Read more »


No money from my wallet, boycott this shit show, let the terminator-verse die already.


I’m really scared now.


I dunno…I don’t just like Action movies to be all action either. How do we not know that’s what TIm Miller is really going on about. That would make me happy because that very much like Cameron. Great action with a grounded story sounds like T1 and T2 to me.

And let’s not forget that there was humor in T2…it’s called black or dark humor.

Humor doesn’t have to mean comedy.

Not concerned.

Casey Stelken
Casey Stelken

Glad someone is being positive!


I like the idea of not making the action the focal point, and instead develop characters and create a good story… but to say there’s a lot of humor? I mean, that’s all she had to say, or stood out the most? Humor? I hope they don’t treat this like Deadpool. It worked for that character, it won’t work for Terminator. I’m neither excited not pessimistic… I’m curious to see what they come up with.


Sorry but this terminator movie is gonna be an flop. Action scenes in it like deadpool. Now mackenzie talked about humor in it? That’s even worse.