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James Cameron States Automation is the Real Threat to Mankind

By: On May 27th, 2017

Pandora officially opened this weekend at Disney Animal Kingdom! Yes, if you ever wanted to visit the home of The Na’vi, now you can!
Mr, Cameron himself participated in the opening of the attraction and Terminator, of course, is something James can never escape in press interviews.

Avatar Sequels 3D

James Cameron stated about the current machine takeover risk to our world and economy:

I think it’s a much more valid threat than it was when Terminator was made in 1984, now we’re facing job displacement due to automation.

In the fictional world of Terminator the artificial intelligence model of SkyNet was created by Cyberdyne Systems as a way to benefit the human race (or should that be to benefit the economy of the rich and the government), unmanned planes, military resources including robots and drones and cybernetic surgeons and more… removing the actual need for real people and jobs…

While world leaders like Donald Trump and Theresa May blame immigration on a lack of jobs in the market; James Cameron reveals the truth about the real rise of the machines…

Everyone’s always talking about ‘those damn foreigners taking our jobs, guess what guys, it’s not foreigners, it’s robots.

Automation has become the real current world threat to humans, why would you need to pay a human to do a job that a machine could do for free,- yes, there might be significant cost to purchase but paying for maintenance on a broken machine is cheaper than paying years of wages to a human that takes holidays, sick days, maternity leave and… needs to feed their family!

The continued erosion of the labor/mid-skilled worker market is upon us!

James Cameron Terminator

Today robots are apparently automating 45% of the current job market, it is estimated that in less than two decades up to 38% of all U.S. jobs could be automated (source PwC McKinsey Quarterly).

An example of this is cashier and retail work, which could completely disappear in the next two decades. While some jobs will never be able to be replaced by machines, with a population that continues to rise and with more machines taking any potential jobs away from the market, it will surely cause more austerity and increase the margin between rich and poor even more so than ever before.

So, the next time a politician wants to blame immigrant workers on taking jobs away and undercutting the average wage; now you know they are simply embellishing the truth to validate a political agenda, a hostile machine takeover is coming for your jobs and they will not stop EVER until you are unemployed and in the end that will contribute to a lesser quality of life and the eventual accelerated deterioration of society.

Industrial Robots

James Cameron also stated that artificial intelligence is “a significant threat”.

So, will you resist or will you give in to the machines… sadly the corporations will decide if the human touch is even required any more.

Could Jim also be pointing to the current day elements of technological advances which could hold a place in a theatrical story for Terminator 6?

Pandora: World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom

There is no denying that the attraction does look spectacular and like an other worldly jungle paradise.

This is “literally a dream come true,” Cameron told Yahoo Finance. “A lot of my imagery for the movie came from dreams I had as a teenager.”

It looks like an amazing practical movie set but one that promises to educate its visitors with ideology about our planet, our environment and how we should respect it. Of course Avatar has a huge global warming message contained within and even though the first Avatar movie failed to grab us in the same way as Terminator did; we do admire and respect what Jim is creating and he has been working hard on the Avatar sequels and if he executes those sequels properly he might be able to drag people back into Pandora long-term and create even more fans with a saga of stories especially as CGI continues to advance and begins to catch up with his vision, perhaps another reason Avatar has been delayed so much is that Jim is waiting for technology to catch up with his own requirements.

 Pandora World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The World of Avatar has surely given us a taste for seeing more practical sets and effects being utilized in the Avatar sequels, imagine an epic tribal Na’vi vs soldier squadron battle upon the floating islands of Disney’s Animal Kingdom attraction and you might just be glimpsing what we are imagining in our minds for the future of Avatar.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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