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Dear Arnold Schwarzenegger, Please Help Predator Co-Star Sonny Landham

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On May 25th, 2017

Sonny Landham Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dear Arnold Schwarzenegger,

Today a terrible situation came to our attention regarding your Predator co-star Sonny Landham; who played the awesome character of Billy. Due to health problems Sonny has had both of his legs amputated and he has lost all mobility and the freedom that most of us take for granted.

Sonny is mostly bed-ridden aside from using a manual wheelchair.

Predator is one of your finest acting performances Arnold, (it is also TheTerminatorFans.com favorite non-Terminator Schwarzenegger movie) it pains us to see one of your fellow cast members,- who helped contribute to the greatness of such an awesome science fiction movie, in a situation like this and it appears that it has not been given enough press/media attention resulting in a fundraiser for Sonny which is struggling to raise the funds needed to get him back to a quality of life that he and his family deserve.

We hope you can pay Sonny a visit and provide him with the electric wheelchair he needs to get out and about with his young son, and perhaps you could organize a Dutch and Billy reunion day trip together to get Sonny back to living a fuller life and perhaps help him to get his health back after the inactivity that has been forced upon him by this difficult experience.

We hope this message finds you well.



Fundraiser page

UPDATE: Sonny Landham has sadly passed away. Click here for more information.

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The truth is I feel in regret, but his work I too it teeth thanks.


Very sad news to hear about Sonny Landham,for hopefully Arnold will get a hold of this message and kindly help him out(as well as both Jesse Ventura and Carl Weathers also kindly lending a hand).

matheo Barry

You guys need to help me out with all your heart.i am a predator fan here in west africa and I wish I could give him a hand.i thing the predator movie a the most successful movie ever in the 80’s thanks to the group who starred in the movie such us :Sonny Landham,Bill Duke,Carl Wearthers,mr Chavez,Mr Ventura,Mr Black

Ashley Mills

Shared with his official FB page……No idea if it will help, but I tried :/


It is very sad to heard that sir sonny landhem has gone to the eternal journey. Great voice he had. So charming . miss you entire life. Love u sir

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