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James Cameron has revealed that Terminator 6’s working title is “Terminator: Dark Fate”

By: On February 9th, 2019

James Cameron’s return to the Terminator franchise sees a collaboration between him and David Ellison (Cameron’s Terminator rights partner) producing the new Terminator movie.

James revealed the title/current working title (goodbye Terminator Phoenix):

“We’re calling it Dark Fate, Terminator: Dark Fate, at least that’s our working title, right now.”

James Cameron

David Ellison and James Cameron are apparently leaving this movie up to Director Tim Miller, creatively (so if this movie isn’t good- blame Tim); the process began by bringing together Tim Miller and Linda Hamilton, and letting them work some things out first. This actually sounds good to us and reminds us of when James Cameron talked to Linda Hamilton pre-Terminator 2: Judgment Day, to talk about Sarah Connor and the direction to take with her character.

David Ellison and James Cameron know that they need to let Tim Miller handle the movie and its elements, one of those elements being Arnold, and what to do with him in the movie.

Apparently Jim would not participate unless Arnold was in the movie:

“I said, I can’t be involved in this film, at all, if Arnold’s not in it. So that was a ground rule. I came in, you know, making rules’”

Cameron has stated that:

“Tim’s a very wilful and opinionated director, and he’s got his own ideas for the film. I’m kind of like his Pips — he’s Gladys.”

On moving forward with Sarah Connor…

“I said ‘Linda? I’m gonna leave that up to you. I strongly recommend it because I think fans are gonna wanna see her again and they are gonna wanna see the real Sarah Connor and they’re going to want to see what time and dealing with these tragic futures has done to her.’”

On passing the baton:

“It’s hardened her even more, and in a way that made her much stronger, maybe less likeable, but stronger. And ultimately, she becomes a really important character in passing the baton to the new characters that come in to it. It’s a very female-centric film, which I’m glad, you know, Tim embraced those themes.”

… wasn’t the mother of the future already important?

“I walked into the room on day one, and they said ‘we want to pretend those other movies didn’t exist and we wanna continue on from T2’. I said ‘Ok, alright I’m your guy.'”

Fan service comments incoming…

“Under other circumstances I might have been tempted to direct a Terminator movie but I’M BOOKED. You know Avatar’s a full-time job, er, at least as a Director. So I can produce these things in the background; I get to work with other directors and have fun, be creative but not be on the line, not be directly responsible. So I get to have the cake but don’t have to bake it.”

A slight carrot dangle from Jim about directing a Terminator movie and relinquishing responsibility if Terminator: Dark Fate don’t meet fan expectations.

What are your thoughts on the new title?

Are you excited or concerned by this new information?

Leave a comment below.

Source: YAHOO! News

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Samson Garcia
Samson Garcia

Yes I’m super excited. I think Tim Miller will do a Fine Job. Terminator Dark Fate sounds better than Phoenix.

Edward Balint
Edward Balint

I love the working title. Much better than a generically named “Terminator” or even “Terminator 2019.” But I also liked the T3 title: “Rise of the Machines” but greatly disliked the film. I think it’s fantastic that during the lull between post production and a trailer and the unveiling of the movie, James Cameron is sprinkling breadcrumbs of information about “Dark Fate” while promoting “Alita.” The description of the new Terminator movie being “very female-centric” concerns me, especially if it’s meant as a societal statement. I’m all for female empowerment and strong women within the framework of the movie. Linda… Read more »

Alexander Balmore
Alexander Balmore

Impacting,Awesome Title Dark Fate is The Best for Terminator 6 movie and Wow Mr Cameron is very Cool News and I,m very Happy and Excited for this new Title and Sounds Powerful and Giveth me Chills when i read the news and Oh My Disney is gonna be an Impacting movie like T2 judgment day and One Question i have for you guys does the Terminator will arrive once again in the Flashlight beams? Like the first movie? Is okay i hope you reply thanks


“…VERY FEMALE CENTRIC FILM,…” so this movie is an activist project to virtue signal huh?? got it. Just don’t come crying if the movie flops!

News flash, IT SHOULD NEVER EVER MATTER WHAT SEX AN ACTOR IS!!!!.. Back in 1991 i couldn’t care less if Sarah Connor was a man or woman, i just loved the CHARACTER! That should be the only thing that matters…period! Does the audience connect with the character?!


Oh please give it a rest with your male insecurity. 1984’s the Terminator was a female centric film. It may have featured an Austrian bodybuilder and a guy from the future war fighting over her, but it was Connor’s story. The mother of the future, the ‘virgin birth’ of JC/Jesus Christ etc. A love story across time. Then T2 – the target is now John, but it’s still a story about a mother who has fought to prepare her son for the future, to change his future. She doesn’t narrate the prologue and epilogue or give the monologue in the… Read more »

eric sanders
eric sanders

i love that title terminator dark fate is the sixth chapter of the terminator series the sequel of the 2015 fifth terminator movie terminator genisys i love terminator movies after terminator dark fate will there be a terminator 7 but i want wwe star nikki bella to be the new terminator a sexy terminator to fight against an evil terminator and a terminator tv series and games for ps4 and xbox terminator forever


Just some guess:
I. The Terminator
II. T2: Judgment Day
Terminator “III”: Dark Fate
Terminator “IV”: New Fate
Terminator “V”: No Fate