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James Cameron Chose Natalia Reyes to Play Dani Ramos in Terminator (2019)

By: On June 13th, 2018

James Cameron reportedly personally chose Natalia Reyes for the role of Dani Ramos himself and she has signed contracts to play the character of Dani Ramos in three Terminator movies (the new trilogy). She attained the role out of a casting call which saw hundreds of submissions from around the world to play a character described as the new central character of the franchise and the torch taker from Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor character; while Mackenzie Davis has been described as taking Arnold’s T-800 torch in past reports.

Caracol Televisión got to do an interview with the Columbian actress (scroll down for a summary/translation):

Natalia says:  (summary translation courtesy of’s Spanish correspondent Javier Cárceles)

“It’s not a remake, the idea is to continue with the saga and update it, Linda Hamilton, Arnold returns, I do not have details of the script, nor of the specific shooting sets because it’s really a very large production and they look for locations In different parts of the world, they can have more than 3 countries, search scene by scene which is the best location for each scene.”

The actors cast for the new movie do not concern us much as the real worry but how this “torch/baton pass” is conducted does,- why do we need a torch pass anyway, why can’t we just have a mixture of established characters and new ones?

We wish Natalia the best of luck in cementing a role for generations to come in the Terminator canon and we hope that this franchise will never be rebooted again but maybe that’s just too much to ask from Hollywood…


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Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

I’m really happy for this new franchise not to choose whoever she is really beautiful and represents a woman of the future to change things and humanity with our famous and unique Sarah Connor!