The Art of Nathan Thomas Milliner August 24th, 2013

Those of you with a keen eye for Terminator Art will have noticed that our website header and sidebar currently contain artwork by Nathan Thomas Milliner. He kindly allowed us to use the artwork to represent Not only is this guy a legend but he is also a great artist too!

Nathan Thomas Milliner The Terminator Poster A Fantastic ‘The Terminator’ Poster by Nathan Thomas Milliner

Nathan Thomas Milliner saw the 1989 film Batman and decided he wanted to be an artist to create comic books, after years of studying the his craft he went on the to grace the pages over at Feral Comix in 2003. Six years later he began publishing his own collection of “The Malevolent” series; which garnered very positive reviews from critics and fans alike. With his work gaining the attention of a wide and varied audience Nathan went on to create “Girl Number Three” which was adapted shortly after for film by a local filmmaker.

In 2012 Nathan was commissioned by SCREAM! FACTORY to illustrate the artwork for: dvd/blu-ray special editions of “Halloween II”, “Halloween III: Season of the Witch”, “The Funhouse”, “Terror Train”, “Deadly Blessing”, “The Burning” and “The Howling”.

And it doesn’t end there… the esteemed MR. Milliner has just finished writing and directing his directorial debut which is set for release this summer; “A Wish for the Dead”.

We had time for a little chat with Nathan and here’s what he had to say of his art and success…

With all the jobs you’re getting; the attention you’re receiving with your art- can you give us little more information about yourself?

I’m probably best known for my blu ray cover work for Scream! Factory and my cover and interior work for HorrorHound Magazine. I’ve done several other dvd covers for other distribution companies, book covers, movie posters, album covers, etc. I’ve done a lot of work in indie comics, even published many under my own company Rebel Rouser Comics. I’ve worked for some tee shirt companies and contributed to several art books and magazines. I’ve made two films, currently editing the second. I began drawing at age 5.

What made you choose the first Terminator movie (horror roots?/fav term movie)… ?

I chose the first Terminator film because HorrorHound Weekend (which I work for) was having a Terminator reunion last year (Linda Hamilton, Lance Henriksen, Michael Biehn, Edward Furlong, Peter Kent and Kristanna Loken) and I wanted to do something for the program at the show. I chose to do the first film because I always felt the first film felt like an early 80s slasher film. Kind of like a William Lustig flick like Maniac. I got the idea to sort of handle the film as if it were a straight-up horror (slasher) flick from 1984. The poster along with a Reservoir Dogs poster I did will be featured in an artbook coming out this October that features 200 alternative movie posters from 100 of the top artists around the world.

Will you be doing a T2 poster at some point?

I almost did a Terminator 2 poster when Robert Patrick did the following HorrorHound Weekend but I just didn’t have enough time. At this point I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Bold and vibrant visuals teamed with strikingly iconic imagery make Nathan Thomas Milliner’s art of the highest possible standard; staggeringly detailed and perfectly pitched, you’d have to be blind not to see the talent here. Definitely worth keep an eye on… and collecting.

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