EXCLUSIVE: Original John Connor Michael Edwards Interested in Terminator 6 Return

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On June 30th, 2017


For a long time now we have been talking about how the Terminator franchise can get back on track and back to the story that mattered without the need for reboots, remakes or whatever reheated-nightmare studios can come up with to milk the dead cybernetic horse; thankfully Terminator 2 3D is taking a defibrillator to the horse and it is thankfully bringing the franchise back to life (hopefully for the long-term). There is absolutely no doubt that fans will always hold the first two Terminator movies dear and if, like us, you are damn annoyed that the loop was never closed or we never got a third James Cameron Terminator movie then you will totally understand why we’ve been pushing as hard as we can for a TRUE Terminator 2: Judgment Day Sequel.

In our article Casting Terminator 6 we explored all the characters and actors we would like to see back in the next movie and how they could star in the movie without it being convoluted or just a bunch of cringe-worthy cameos. The role of John Connor has been played by so many actors in the Terminator movies that the character is in a severe flux of identity crisis.

So, if you’re going to do a real Terminator Sequel and if John Connor is going to star in the movie then what you really need is Michael Edwards…

Michael Edwards John Connor

We managed to ask Michael the following question and we’re sure many fans will be happy with his response!

Would you be interested in reprising the role of John Connor for Terminator 6,  in a lead role alongside your on screen mother Linda Hamilton for a true Terminator 2 sequel (John Connor travels back to the present)?

Yes, I’d love to be involved in Terminator 6. It would be a blast.

So, there we go Terminator Fans, the savior of mankind himself General John Connor just agreed to travel back to the present to star in Terminator 6.

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Michael Edwards John Connor Terminator 6


Michael Edwards was considered by studios to reprise the role which (in a past interview) make-up artist Jeff Dawn discussed with us that Edwards was deemed to look too old at the time of making T3: Rise of the Machines… The truth is we don’t care about age or jumping on the ageism band wagon, if you are complaining about age then we think you’re holding the franchise back from great things and what we really need is people like Schwarzenegger, Hamilton, Edwards, Patrick and Biehn to get us the fuck out of the mess this franchise is in, some real veteran actors and some T1 and T2 canon faces are just the shot of fresh air we need!

This now gets more interesting when thinking about a Terminator 6 sequel starring The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) cast members.

Having Michael Edwards as an Older General John Connor for a full role would sell that character more as “this is the very man we saw stood looking out at the battlefield of the future war at the start of Terminator 2: Judgment Day!”.  Michael Edwards was the first  John Connor ever seen on camera in a Terminator movie also! We are sure many other Terminator Fans are a little tired of actor swapping on the John Connor role and in casting Michael Edwards we get that total canon sequel casting plus an awesome Future War opening to the movie that feels 100% legitimate to Terminator 2: Judgment Day!

We never got to see the acting chops of Edwards in a Terminator movie and it was said that Edwards was more of a model who was cast for his specific look by James Cameron but it would be great to give Mr. Edwards a shot at portraying this role finally and we could at least have him dominate the future war with a pair of binoculars and some F-BOMBS and detonator exploding the shit out of the terrain and a Ground HK might be nice but we hunger for even more.

Another issue is that time science fiction travel rules state that characters cannot meet themselves, the original time travel rules (that the last Terminator movie ignored) is that it can cause a severe malfunction with time and existence itself;- the ideology stems from the idea that if the same person or object were to connect/meet then they would both be erased (that doom gloom outlook/theory has a dark tone we find interesting instead of people meeting themselves that becomes really quite cheesy ala Jai Courtney meeting Jai Courtney as a child and sharing memories? what now?). Which would mean we simply need to write present day John Connor (Edward Furlong) out of Terminator 6 and just have Michael Edwards come back from the future do one last mission but he would need to come from beyond 2029, so say something like 2048- as Michael Edwards has aged at our rate in the real world…

Through exposition we could then find out what happened after mankind won the war, did SkyNet have a resurgence? Was some form of a society rebuilt and what plot device would necessitate John Connor coming back to the present to fight alongside his mother Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton of course) again? Maybe his final mission is to simply avert the death of his mother as it indeed could alter the future in an extremely negative way…

Sarah Connor was considered a legend in the future and if she was to be terminated/or die before the war begins that could alter things badly so that could be John Connor’s final mission to keep the loop intact.

T-800 Schwarzenegger Terminator 6


Judgment Day was delayed but it might also be preventable like it was in the second Terminator movie which could be an overall sub mission to the movie too, if the Connor’s keep averting Judgment Day beyond their lifespan it would then go to the next generation of Connor’s or new characters/bloodlines to battle machines in the future of a franchise we would like to remain canon for all time (should it keep continuing theatrically).

One thing is for sure; we would love to see Michael Edwards and Linda Hamilton team up to shoot the crap out of an unstoppable and nasty motherfucker in the form of THE TERMINATOR Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Robert Patrick also recently expressed he would be interested in reprising the role of The T-1000 too…

One last thought, what if Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Patrick become a double team to take out the John and Sarah Connor? Now, that would be two unstoppable Terminators and then the stakes are set incredibly high and the impossible situation is restored to the Terminator franchise once again…. imagine those two visions of burning metal hell chasing you through alleyways at night, a hulking Austrian panzer tank and Edward Scissor-hands psychopathic liquid metal cousin.

Michael Edwards Terminator

Imagine a full present day Terminator 6 with Edwards then a Terminator 6 prequel with Edwards in the future… could this be what fans always wanted?


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Bill Nugent
Bill Nugent
3 years ago

I think that if they want to bring characters back, they should take some ideas from three book T2 series by S.M. Stirling (Infiltrator, Rising Storm, The Future War). These stories were AMAZING and it would help to bridge the age gap to correct any problems with the characters.

mike evans
3 years ago

i think john conner has a daughter and he dies. And she is going be just like sarah conner aka linda Hamilton. Character.

mike evans
3 years ago

I think john conner dies and the main chick on T6 will be like sarah conner