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Minor Arrested During Terminator (2019) Cartagena Filming

By: TheTerminatorFans.com On July 4th, 2018

It looks like a couple of kids decided to steal a suitcase during the filming of Terminator 6 and it resulted in an arrest- even after the minor returned the suitcase. It seems a little OTT to be arresting kids in all honesty and one would hope the studios will step in have the charges dropped and in future just up security. Maybe the kids could have an alternate punishment arranged more fitting for their ages, maybe Tim Miller could have them lug some equipment around (supervised) and give them some advice to turn their lives in a more positive direction? NOFATE?

The council of Cartagena reports:

Agents of the Local Police of Cartagena arrested a minor on Tuesday  , for the theft of a suitcase  inside one of the trucks belonging to the organization of the filming of the movie Terminator 6, in the neighborhood of Santa Lucia. 

The facts were recorded around  21 hours. 

The implicated, along with another minor, had undertaken moments before  the flight to be surprised and  noticed the police presence .

The agents  reached out to the boy who carried the suitcase and returned it to its owners, instructing the corresponding police proceedings ..

Update (more information):

Laverdad.es has additional info on the robbery:

Last night, local police arrested two minors, who accessed one of the trucks of the American production company and took a briefcase . Police sources said Wednesday that another young man would be more involved. All of them staged a police chase near the stage where on Wednesday it was possible to see an actor playing the role of the popular cyber killer.

We know that Gabriel Luna was present for filming of scenes at this location.

The three involved had first tried to jump the fence of the school of Our Lady of the Sea, in Santa Lucia, where the vehicles were located, although they initially desisted from their purposes. Later they returned, broke the glass of the truck and stole the aforementioned suitcase, embarking on the flight to be surprised and aware of the police presence…

… The agents caught up with the boy carrying the suitcase and one of his companions and returned it to their owners, instructing the corresponding police proceedings, municipal sources said in a statement. Both passed into the custody of the National Police, but only one of them (the one carrying the suitcase) was sent to the jail. They are pending to appear before the judge of minors. The other third involved managed to flee .

This robbery took place during a small shoot and it looks like these three children broke a window which makes this vandalism too.

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Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

wow but I do not think it’s part of the scenes! What a horror for the whole team of filming really worried everywhere! even during a movie shoot what! Plot? I just hope they will be able to resume peacefully and I do not know if they will be able to keep this flight in the film to give a realism side or they will have to redo everything but it is a waste of time for the production but in more very disruptive for the actors! Good luck to the police! Dirty Kids!


john was a vandal too at his young age… the age of rebellion.

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