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Exclusive: David Woodruff on Alien 5 Hicks Revival, R-Rated Terminator Movie, AVP3 and More

By: On February 13th, 2015

While working on the movie Chappie; Neill Blomkamp had some ideas about what movie he wanted to make next when he had breaks from shooting,- something close to his heart as a filmmaker and as a fan is… the Alien franchise.

He released numerous art concepts which instantly trended on the internet and brought with it a wave of excitement that now seems to have resulted in 20th Century Fox taking the idea more seriously and negotiations could already be underway to green-light the project.

So when Neill revealed artwork for an Alien 5 starring Michael Biehn and Sigourney Weaver we were instantly on board as fans!

Hicks Ripley Alien 5

Even with us being Terminator orientated it struck a huge chord with us at the moment as Terminator is being rebooted or the new term ‘reset’ something we never wanted to happen,- as we spent years discussing viable ways a sequel could be made involving Schwarzenegger, Biehn, Hamilton, Patrick and other possible cast members.

If Alien 5 remains ‘canon’ and is an R Rated sequel to a previous installment Alien 5 will become a landmark movie and will be doing something different to other studio sheep out there; Hollywood playing safe is ruining the industry. 90% of reboots and remakes need to go away and get Terminated. We have been waiting a long time for something like this to happen in Hollywood and we have also delved into the fact that the studio willing to take the risk will be vastly rewarded in the long run! 20th Century Fox now has that chance.

AMALGAMATED DYNAMICS, INC‬ (ADI) are responsible for practical Alien creature effects on Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection including the AVP series. They are the right people for this project without question.

One of the concepts Neill Blomkamp shared with the world has become a physical reality…

This fantastic make-up test was done by David Woodruff (expect to hear this name much more in future). The man in the make-up is his father Tom Woodruff (a VFX legend to the Terminator and Alien series) and we were intrigued to find out more…

David Woodruff did the make-up test through his company Generation Effects, Inc. in association and supported by ADI.

David kindly took time out around his birthday to speak to us, this genuinely shows his passion and love where Alien 5 is concerned.

David Woodruff Alien 5

In our talk, David explained that a full photo-shoot took place centering around a make-up test of the Hicks character. Should the movie happen Michael Biehn would undergo the same process in the make-up chair before shooting scenes in the 5th Alien movie.

David Woodruff answers some Alien 5 questions asked by

Neill’s artwork was obviously a direct inspiration for the make-up test you performed on your father, this has obviously taken off on the internet and is something fans want. In a market where fans are barely listened to; how important is it (to you as an obvious fan of the series) that Hollywood give fans THIS MOVIE (Alien 5)?

Whether it be a direct sequel or not I think a truly horror themed, gritty R rated Alien franchise film is needed. Something in the vein of Alien and Aliens, or the first two Terminators for that matter… I don’t feel cleaned up PG-13 takes are needed… And let’s face it, kids are going to R rated movies now anyway… Why not give everyone what they want?!

David Tom Woodruff Alien 5

Was that photo taken at ADI?

Shot on original Alien Resurrection set walls in the ADI display room.

Alien 5 Hicks

 The Hicks costume, was it newly created?

The armor is actually Michael Beihn’s armor from Aliens!

What were the main make-up applications of the facial damage?

Makeup was silicone encapsulated in cap plastic both by PCS Composites. Applied with Telesis 7 silicone adhesive and painted with Skin Illustrator and Glazing Sprays all by PPI Premiere Products Inc.

Hicks Make-Up Prosthetic
Michael Biehn hasn’t really had a fair deal in terms of franchises- as his characters usually die. Hicks was something he wanted to sink his teeth into more as an actor (and was pissed when they killed him off in Alien 3). but this time around he would have some exhausting hours in a make-up chair, how long did it take to apply all the make-up and costume on your father and will this be an exhausting process for Biehn?

I think it took about 2 and a half hours. I would have liked a little more time as there were a couple things I had to bail on. That’s the thing about makeups and having test time. The more often you apply the same makeup the quicker it goes because you find a rhythm. The arm burns could also be printed as temporary tattoos and take less than 5 minutes so I’d only have to focus on making the face look good.

It looks fantastic already, you’ve obviously grown up in the industry with your father being on Stan Winston’s team on the best Terminator movies. What age did you realize this is what you wanted to do for your career?

I actually just found my fifth grade yearbook and by everyone’s picture they listed what that kid wanted to be when they grow up. Mine simply said “special effects.” I grew up in it and it’s always been a fascinating thing to me. Overall I just love movies and creating characters and I want to get into directing but that coupled with the genetic artistic bug led me in this direction for the time being.

Alien 5 Tom Woodruff in Hicks Make-Up

Alien 5 Tom Woodruff in Hicks Make-Up


AMALGAMATED DYNAMICS, INC‬ has been responsible for pioneering effects in Alien 3 onwards (including) AvP… you’re no stranger to the franchise; having already worked on the creature effects of AVP2… have you heard where AVP is at now in terms of a trilogy and do you think another installment could happen in the near future?

I haven’t heard anything about a 3rd installment, not even rumors. This Neill Blomkamp project is the first possibility I’ve seen or heard of of another Alien film and I’m all about it. I know the guys at Amalgamated Dynamics are pushing for something like this too. It’s time.

Hicks Make-Up David Woodruff

Carolco and Orion are back… there are already talks of a Terminator reboot beyond the new trilogy. From what we can see a revolution is coming as CGI is wavering in popularity and movies that now spike interest are more story based/practical effect driven. Do you think it is a possibility that one day the Terminator series could return to its full R Rated glory? Maybe Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) could return once again ?

Yes. Definitely. I think effects in general are starting to form a flow, practical and digital working together,- at least that’s what I’m pushing for and starting to do. I’d also heard that Jim Cameron would ‘helm’ said reboot and who better to bring it back on track?

David Woodruff  Ian Crome Terminator Make-Up

Terminator Make-Up by David Woodruff and Ian Cromer  for the 30th Anniversary of The Terminator

Thanks for speaking to us David and doing what you do to keep the dreams of fans alive! Many fans worldwide would love to see your work continue into a theatrical production and we love your bloody T-800 make-up! If Blomkamp doesn’t want to direct this movie then maybe David Woodruff could also be an interesting choice.

Fans really want this movie to happen, how many times will studios doggedly avoid giving fans what they want? It is beyond logic and shows a arrogance lacking in vision. Green-light it 20th Century Fox; give fans of the Alien franchise what they want and make it a bloody horror, sci-fi masterpiece… they will love you for it.

One last thing… can we have the excellent Gale Anne Hurd on board as a producer! She would do good things for this movie like she did with the first two Terminator movies and Aliens. Her and Biehn combined = box office gold.

David Woodruff might be back doing more tests if Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen are willing to participate as Hicks and Bishop. The door is open… Demand Hicks (Biehn) and Bishop (Henriksen) return for a make-up test in the comments below.

Alien 5 could become reality with strong united fan support.

Project credits:

Project conceived by Neill Blomkamp

Concept of Michael Biehn as Hicks by Geoffroy Thoorens

Make-Up and costume test conducted by Generation Effects, Inc. in association and supported by AMALGAMATED DYNAMICS, INC.

Thanks and credit to the guys at PCS Composites and PPI Premiere Products for materials that allowed this to happen.

Photography done by James Pratt

Application and station pics by Connor Woodruff

Terminator Make-Up by David Woodruff and Ian Cromer for the 30th Anniversary of The Terminator.

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17 responses to “Exclusive: David Woodruff on Alien 5 Hicks Revival, R-Rated Terminator Movie, AVP3 and More”

  1. Victor Drax says:

    Well, okay, let me put it this way: If Hicks is played by any other person other than Michael Biehn, this will be a wasted shot. It won’t be OUR Hicks.

    Besides, did you see Planet Terror? He still has what we need!

    • Indeed we wouldn’t push for this if Biehn wasn’t capable. He still has it. Yes… casting anyone else will NOT BE ACCEPTED! #Boycott No more patience for such bullshit.

      Exactly OUR HICKS… We won’t back down THIS TIME!

      Terminator is on it’s last chance with us. 20th Century can come out on top of all of this franchise garbage… as long as they make a GOOD MOVIE out of this concept. This needs to be treated as a mission to do justice to the roots of the series… giving back to fans… not taking from them just to leave them with a shit movie to buy on DVD.

      Let the artistic creators take over and lock away those suited sheep in a padded room for the duration of shooting, they are just crazy and get paid too much and usually have no clue about the material they are working with.

  2. Ryan 741 says:

    More Bishop and Hicks, hell yeah.

  3. […] their company Studio ADI has produced the creature effects for all the Alien films since Alien 3. TheTerminatorFans spoke to David about putting the test together (including some extra photos), his opinions on […]

  4. Oliver Thompson says:

    I love the idea of bringing Micheal Biehn back as Hicks! We absolutely need a new Alien movie that builds on what was created in the first and second Alien films. It is completely feasible that Warden Andrews and Clemens could have covered up Hick’s survival on the orders of the Weyland-Yutani group and with the promise of a healthy payoff. After crashing on Fiorina Fury 161 in the 3rd film; Hicks is said to have died because he was impaled in the crash, we only see a wide shot. The cover up story could be easily instigated. The company would not want Hicks and Ripley to reunite because they are too much of a threat to their interests. Divide and conquer as they say… Hicks’ body could have been switched before the cremation. The company could pick up Hicks who is in stasis at the prison, take him off-world and start to experiment on him. The story could revolve around Hicks’ escape from the Weyland-Yutani secret projects facility. A place where Aliens and various other monstrosities are also held. All hell should break loose….

    • Big George says:

      Hicks is officially still alive as the Colonial Marines game (terrible as it may be) is canon. Basically he was revived on the Sulaco and someone else was placed in his cryotube. The REAL question is: How to revive Ripley? (And Newt & Bishop if you want to go there.)

  5. John Hughes says:

    Best idea for an Alien movie since the first 2!

  6. Kevin Kuss says:

    Yes. New alien movie. Yes new avp. But take time. Develop a story worth while. I’m all about blood and gore but leave out stupid blood and gore like pulling a piece of your brain out after an alien gets you in the back of the head. Alien resurrection nothing but gratuitous gore that didn’t do anything for a story. It was just there because they could.

  7. Aliens Continuity Change says:

    There is an active community group dedicated to this topic. We’ve been pushing for a return of Hicks and Newt since even before Neill Blomkamp. Please join us at

  8. […] himself behind the project with this image: a physical imagining of the scarred Hicks. Check out this interesting interview with him, together with some more pictures showing how Blomkamp’s project might […]

  9. Endo Morgan says:

    Somehow there’s still hope that Hollywood will see beyond the projected profit margin and remember what a good ‘ole story really is. David Woodruff should definitely work on Alien 5.

  10. I AM JACK's...whatever says:

    I’d love the idea of a new Alien movie with Hicks back, and as much as I love the look of the concept art they put out.. I have to say I HATE this look for Hicks. I think they went too far with the burns. He didn’t looks like his entire side of his head was hit with the acid in the movie, seemed like more hit his chest armor.

    I do think a slight facial scar would look cool, but don’t turn him into freaking Two-Face!

    I mean the eye, ear, scalp? really?? The burns didn’t looks that bad as Ripley was helping Hicks out of the elevator and into the Drop Ship.

    I think this idea in the concept art was dumb, and the make-up test equally so. Think it looks lousy.

    …and showing ‘Hicks-Two-Face’ interacting with that lousy ADI Alien design is like insult to injury. what the hell is he talking about saying the armor is Michael Biehn’s??

    The hell it is! It clearly says ‘Wierzbowski’ on the chest plate! That is not Hick’s armor!

    ADI, just STOP! You’ve already done enough damage to the look and legacy of the Alien and the Predator! Your designs and execution have sucked more and more with each crappy movie.

    If, and I mean IF this movie actually happens.. I pray to GOD ADI is nowhere near the set!

    Get Legacy (Winston) Studios back so they can correct the horrible designs you have messed up the series with.

    *end rant

    • Kristopher Devasher says:

      One detail I would like to see again in Alien 5 would be a tall, thin, & graceful creature like the original (minus the last shot of a man in a rubber suit). The slow, dark, creepy corners must be used again. That’s what terrorized me as a kid – All of the biology mix between the creature, LV 426, & human like qualities struck me in the stomach. I couldn’t eat for a week. This type of horror needs to be rekindled in Alien 5. >: )

  11. sblast13 says:

    “The armor is actually Michael Beihn’s armor from Aliens!”

    Huh… I didn’t know that Michael Beihn wore Weirzbowski’s armor in Aliens. Because Tom is clearly wearing the armor Trevor Steedman wore.

    Amazing interview none the less though.

  12. […] This is exciting news and it was only a matter of time before we found out.  Much of the buildup for the new Alien film has been focused around the return of Hicks.  This is indicated from the concept art and the test makeup effects. […]

  13. […] based around the character Hicks and what he would look like after the events of Aliens. In an interview with website TheTerminatorFans, they talk about the concept of what Hicks would look like after his […]

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