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Exclusive: Alien 5 Michael Biehn Hicks Make-Up Test Professional Shots

By: On March 3rd, 2015

You may have read our Exclusive interview/article about the story and people behind the make-up test based on Alien 5 concept art from Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 pitch. We managed to catch up again with David Woodruff the man behind the make-up test; with his company Generation Effects, Inc. and we have some exciting images to share with you.

Hicks Alien 5 Make-Up Test Generation Effects

The great news is that the movie is happening, that Sigourney is confirmed and although not solidly confirmed or set in stone- it also looks like Michael Biehn will be back as Hicks. That just leaves a few things left on our check list… R Rating and Michael Biehn’s return being the most important factors in our support for this movie.

Hicks Alien 5 Make-Up Test David Woodruff

What has also become important to us is that David Woodruff and his company Generation Effects, Inc. be involved with the movie. His display of passion for this project is impressive and he understands what fans want to see, R Rated movies with practical effects. Terminator fans and Alien fans have a love for practical effects which made them believe in machines from the future and aliens in outer-space.

Alien 5 is currently the sequel/continuation the fans, without doubt, deserve and no wonder Alien 5 content has been breaking the internet!

The images will obviously excite fans, and also being Terminator fans, the return of Michael Biehn to a role he made famous in James Cameron’s Aliens is something to really look forward to for this fanbase also. Our Alien 5 stories are currently generating much more interest than our Terminator content.

David Woodruff did the make-up test through his company Generation Effects, Inc. in association and supported by ADI.

Meet the team who made the concept art reality…

Hicks Alien-V-Group-Photo

David Woodruff (far right), Connor Woodruff (second from right), Tom Woodruff Jr. (Hicks), and David Woodruff’s business partner at Generation Effects, Inc. Frank Balzer (far left).”

We want to see a true Alien movie, dark in tone and these images visually show what the fans want to see, Hicks taking on the Xenomorphs, we do not want it to be comic book we want it to be done in science fiction horror style, the audience want terror and suspense from their Alien movies.

All that is left for you to do is view all the marvelous images below, then show your support for the return of Michael Biehn as Hicks in the comments below! A big thank you to Generation Effects, Inc. and Studio ADI for supporting the return of Hicks with this project. Thanks for supporting the real fans!

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14 responses to “Exclusive: Alien 5 Michael Biehn Hicks Make-Up Test Professional Shots”

  1. Katarzyna Granowska says:

    WOW! Great shots! Can’t wait!!!

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  4. Dave says:

    So wait? That’s not really Biehn? Just some other guy in the make-up, right?

  5. Jash Derin Kol-Ze says:

    This is looking awesome so far =D

  6. SubSumeYou says:

    Bah. Lightning won’t be striking again.

  7. The MOSEPH!! says:

    Great! Now…there’s just one thing that MUST be corrected. The stuntman/actor’s head needs to fit into the Alien head like in the first film NOT in the neck like Alien³, Alien Resurrection & the AvP films. In the neck & the creatures do NOT move naturally, it makes them look extremely FAKE & hokey. They actually LOOK like puppetry instead of a real creature as the Alien in the first film did. That huge neck looks ridiculous on top of it all. I do hope that as much as Blomkamp claims to love Alien (and Aliens) that he’ll insist the effects look as brilliantly realistic as they did in that classic first Alien film. No other Alien film since has managed to match them (Ash’s head doesn’t count) & it’s sad that even approximately 25 years after that film (give or take a few), the effects in the AvP films were awful & looked very much like the materials they were made from instead of appearing to be a real biological/biomechanical organism as the one did in the first film.

    • I AM JACK's...whatever says:

      I completely agree! ADI has made the Alien look terrible ever since Resurrection. They’ve shown a complete lack of respect to Giger’s vision. With each new movie they made them look worse and worse. By AVP:R they looked like complete garbage, only good thing about that movie was it was so dark you could barely see those lousy creature effects.

      I sincerely hope Blomkamp ditches ADI and goes back to Stan Winston Studios (Legacy Studios).

      It was an insult that Fox didn’t use Winston for the original AVP as it is, being that the whole idea of Aliens fighting Predators started with Stan to begin with.

  8. I AM JACK's...whatever says:

    Wow!! I do NOT agree at all… I think that makeup test is laughable, and those shots look horribly cheesy. Lousy Photoshop work on that green acid.

    Anyways, I get these were done for fun… But still. Yuck.

    …and to say that ADI has done a great job with the Alien is an even bigger joke than those pics.

    If you really want this to be a continuation of Aliens with Hicks, then you want ADI as far away from this project as possible. Get Legacy Studios (Stan Winston) to handle the FX. They are the reason we have the Alien warrior and Queen Alien that all Aliens fans love.

    NOT ADI!! They have proven film after film that they have little to no respect for the Alien design that Giger made and Stan Winston I proved upon. From Alien Resurrection to AVP:R they have made the alien look worse with each film. They keep reusing the same lousy design they made for Resurrection over and over again. It looks nothing like the Alien from the movie Aliens.

    True Aliens fans know what I’m talking about, just look up Winton’s Alien designs and compare them to what ADI did for AVP and AVP:R… ADI has ruined the Alien design.

    Keep ADI they HELL away from this new movie.

    Get Legacy Studios, or someone new like WETA.

    ADI’s Aliens look like shit!

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  10. Cal Bob says:

    Disagree with the comments below folks! To me the most fluid Alien designs were from Alien Ressurection, followed by Aliens and then Alien. We see Aliens the most in Alien Ressurection – tale, behind, from above, from all angles possible. Jean Pierre Jeunet has an amazing eye for the Alien and he rightfully chose to show it fully- there was no point of hiding it because we all knew allready how the Alien looked after Alien 3. We don’t just see Aliens in static but also in motion- the man in suit+ visual sfx were the best we can get from the industry standard: SPOILERS! here the Alien run, swim, climb, fight with each other etc. SPOILERS! People easily forget the bad puppet like effects from Alien and Aliens- SPOILERS ! (Dallas caught by the Alien in the air vent), the Alien ejected in Space- Alien and Aliens, the Alien falling on Vasquez from above on Aliens. SPOILERS! So claiming that effects were better in 79 and 86 than in 1997 is not doing justice to the artists work.

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