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“You’re terminated, fucker!” is Linda Hamilton’s Favorite Terminator Moment So Far

By: On April 9th, 2019

We all remember the iconic moment when Sarah Connor crushed ‘The Terminator’ in the hydraulic press but it was also Linda Hamilton’s favorite moment from the first two Terminator films!

Fandango: Of those first two movies, do you have a favorite moment?

“In terms of like where I was at the time I think that first film, “You’re terminated f**cker!” because that was just day nine in a row and I was covered with bruises and it just took so much. The hand that’s coming in at, it’s like… because we didn’t have anything else in those days, was a 250-pound arm that they’re throwing at my neck and the sense of, just danger and getting through this, it was very, very authentic. Slipping in, you know, fruit juice at the factory, it was just, it was very authentic.”

Linda Hamilton

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