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Young John Connor or His Son to Star in Terminator (2019)?

By: On May 30th, 2018

Well, Edward Furlong might be back but not in the way fans would have anticipated. It looks like a British boy by the name of Jude Collie has landed a role in Terminator (2019) and could possibly be undergoing the Brett Azar treatment to bring a CGI young John Connor to the new Terminator movie (guess work). If this is true we will also make the guess that we may see Sarah and John hit the road from the events of the steel mill or some form of a flashback/nightmare but if they dare change the ending of Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Uncle Bob lives)… we were promised a canon sequel so the the studios wouldn’t be stupid enough to alter T2’s story- but would they? Let’s pray this is a well executed minimal flashback scene.

Brett Azar Jude Collie Terminator 2019

Edward Furlong (Jude Collie) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Brett Azar) in Terminator (2019) (Photo Source: Bret Azar)

Edward Furlong is extremely popular in regard to fans of Terminator 2 but again are NOT fans of CGI or digital human characters and this feels like Genisys nostalgia overload mark 2.
The real Edward Furlong is currently in rehab and we just don’t know how to feel about this new Terminator movie if Jude Collie is playing Edward Furlong’s character. This just seems to spoiler laden this early on and it just ruined something that could have been a pleasant surprise in the movie.

The other option is Jude is playing the son of John Connor and the fact he shares a similar likeness to Furlong and the same haircut could be the family connection or a total misdirection. Seeing as Jude is from England he would need to do a hell of a good imitation of an American accent to be able to become a convincing leading role in the new Terminator trilogy and to step into the sneakers of a young Edward Furlong. Is John Connor’s son the new savior? Oh man, this movie is just becoming kinda weird and has way too much going on already. It’s a good thing that there are questions to ask but are they really the sorts of questions we want to be asking and is it way to early to be asking them?
This is just causing unease to say the least, maybe it’s just best to shrug it off at this stage; throw our arms in the air and simply say “whatever, we’ll see”.

This was all supposed to be top secret…

Jude’s entertainment agents  Brown & Mills Entertainment LTD posted the following on the 24th of May from Facebook with an image from the set of Terminator (2019)

How excited does our Jude Collie look? he is just about to go on set to shoot a #role in a HUGE#FeatureFilm – we cant wait to tell you all about it#TopSecret #BamKidz

Jude Collie Terminator 2019 set

Guessing that top secret is kinda screwed now…

We do have to say we were pleasantly surprised the movie thus far did not have a child actor in it but will Jude be a new real Connor character or a CGI nostalgia character? Terminator Fan Alexander House speculates to us on Facebook that this could be young Kyle Reese. Do you have any more theories?

What are you feelings tell us in the comments below…


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Vincent Michel
Vincent Michel

Really I am surprised at this wonderful news !! : D still need to know what this young child actor will reserve us for the film! It should have been necessary not to say too much on this subject but if it can have a place in john connor style to embody the following of Edward furlong to his resemblance why not but still it is necessary that it assures the good role that had Edward Furlong just in gestures and voice! In Kyle rheese I do not think at least I do not hope it will be good for… Read more »


You’re sending yourself into a tailspin with some of your comments. Relax a bit and stop over-speculating over one picture of a kid!

Si No
Si No

seriously guys. Its a picture. ONE picture of nothing really. The movie is supposed to be set years after the second one so my guess is its a flashback after the events of the second one. They probably wont even have the kid talk. Cameron is not that stupid. This is pretty much still Camerons baby even though miller is directing it. Perhaps its a scene or “dream” sequence of a possible event that can and will happen much like Sarahs dream sequence with the nuclear bomb going off (this was played by her real life twin sister) so who… Read more »

Giles Bennett Tyson
Giles Bennett Tyson

This is going downhill by the day. Let me make it simple for Cameron, Miller, Ellison, Goyer, and the other guy: we just want to see the future war in all its insanity, concluding with how T-800 ’84, T-800 ’95, T-1000, and Reese went through the time displacement equipment. So yes, you need to CGI in an Arnie ’84, an Arnie ’91 and Bob Patrick ’91 — so spend the frickin’ money on that! Nobody asked for a CGI Eddie Furlong ’91! Give us a goddam conclusion/introduction to the original story before you try and squeeze more golden eggs from… Read more »


That is cool maybe there flashback scenes but I hope that the adult version of John Connor will appear because of not then what is the point, John Connor is supposed be the savior of humanity

Maxwell (Amsterdam)
Maxwell (Amsterdam)

I think that the ‘little John Connor’ still functions as a son (the little brother of Edward, could be a storyline for that?). Furthermore, after seeing the interview with Tim Miller and James Cameron, I suspect that John Connor is finally played by Edward Furlong, but only then in terminator 4 (for now part 7). Since Tim Miller has indicated that he wants to maintain the original storyline with the original 2 parts, it seems to me that Edward gets a chance. Edward Furlong can now prepare nicely during his ‘rehab period’. A good replacement, if necessary, is perhaps Keanu… Read more »


this is actually the most interesting take on the future of the series that i have read. As a life long Terminator fan i would not be disappointed if they followed this lead.