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Who Sent Pops? “Terminator Genisys: Future War” Mobile Game to Provide Answer?

By: On May 29th, 2017

More Details have been revealed For the “Terminator Genisys: Future War” Mobile Game.

Terminator Genisys Future War Artwork

Described as a sequel to Terminator Genisys; the game by Plarium takes place in the “Terminator Genisys Universe”.

Official Terminator Genisys: Future War plot Synopsis:

The remnants of the Resistance are locked in a civil war over the few resources and weapons remaining. Players start the game on a war-torn battlefield littered with Resistance holdouts and hostile Skynet facilities, just as the machines arise once again to ignite a new chapter in the Future War. In a first for any Terminator game, players will have the option to be a Resistance or Skynet Commander as they battle rival player alliances for territory, dominance, and survival.

As usual with Future War based games or online Terminator games the choice is to side with man or machine in this specific online strategy MMO (mass multiplayer online) outing.

Numerous websites state that the game is apparently going to offer up a conclusion to the plot of Terminator Genisys.

Plarium Terminator Genisys Sequel Game

The biggest plot point that Terminator Genisys fans really wanted answering was WHO SENT POPS? If you cared for that answer then this mobile game might just provide it!

Who sent Pops in Terminator Genisys?

Well we always felt that the twist would be that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guardian was possibly a secret bad Terminator all along and just like the cancelled original ending to Terminator Salvation it could be revealed that SkyNet (in this case Matt Smith) had sent ‘Pops’ all along, or even the corrupted John Connor himself which would again equate to SkyNet.

T-800 Terminator Genisys Guardian Superbowl Trailer

We obviously know that Pops was from the future and sent back to 1973 to raise a young Sarah Connor (Willa Taylor).

A smarter twist theory that crossed our minds here at is that maybe an older Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) sent Pops from the future or both,- Older Sarah Connor and Older Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) sent Pop’s as we presume that this new fractured reboot timeline would have meant both of them survived for much of the new originally planned trilogy or even survived the PG-13 trilogy in its entirety. That obviously would have been the slightly smarter twist and would have provided cameos for the original Terminator stars to appear in a glorified cameo of sorts which we know is the type of move Skydance would take ala Skydance’s Star Trek Reboot (J.J. Abrams) and Older Spock’s glorified cameo.

What other options; a human Arnold or something else… or maybe the mystery of Pops will never be answered and maybe it shouldn’t be answered (for mysterious purposes) but it could be answered with this video game.

Terminator Genisys Future War Man Vs Machine

Revealing who sent Pops might just kill any kind of little positive plot discussion this movie has and come Terminator 6, people might talk about Genisys even less than they do about T3: Rise of the Machines and Salvation…

Maybe the player themselves sends Pops back in time, this is a game after all and that could be a nice empowering little trip for people who complete it (if completion is possible), so depending on the side you choose- it would also effect the narrative of who sent pops, man or machine and leave that open ended mystery for the movie to live on forever. Who knows… who cares!?

Terminator Genisys: Future War looks like a decent strategy game and if you like these strategy MMO games then you surely will be happy, you have the option to play for free or pay to play like most of these types of games.

Schwarzenegger (likeness/visually) is the only returning Terminator Genisys cast member in this game.

If you loved Terminator Genisys then the odds are that you will love this game too…

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