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Watch James Cameron T2: Judgment Day 3D Premiere Live Stream Q & A

By: On February 17th, 2017


James Cameron was streaming LIVE on Facebook earlier today;- answering questions from Fans on Facebook for audience goers at The Berlin Film Festival Premiere of Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D. Jim answered questions about the 3D release of T2 and was asked about Terminator 6.

We managed to have a couple of questions answered by James Cameron courtesy of STUDIOCANAL… What changes/enhancements are you most proud of with Terminator 2’s 3D remaster?

Well I think the overall quality of the film, the quality of the presentation; we worked very hard on good 3D. We started with a 4K transfer, then we did a degraining process, so it actually looks better, even if you watch it in 2D it would look better than it did on the day…

*Sadly the rest of what Jim said at the end of that answer was inaudible because a certain super computer was causing technical difficulties throughout the Q and A.

It is great news for a home release that the movie will also look good in 2D! and for those fans anticipating Blu-Ray’s and DVD’s (even though 4k isn’t possible on DVD- we hope all fans will be catered for even those who have not made the leap to DVD and 3D home entertainment systems).

Jim followed by answering another one of our questions about a possible 3D remaster of THE TERMINATOR (1984).; After the experience of converting T2:3D would yourself and Lightstorm Entertainment be interested in remastering the first movie and doing a 3D conversion?

Look, I think it would be great to do all my films; I’d love to see The Abyss, I’d love to see Aliens. It gets down to a matter of economics really, the Titanic release was very successful, we made 440 million dollars re-releasing Titanic in 3D, so if we make some reasonable amount of money with the T2 re-release and we start to feel confident- we can start looking at some of the other films as well, if we think there’s a market there or if we think, you know, if this demonstrates that it sorta becomes a vanity project then I probably wouldn’t do it.

Interviewer/representative of The Berlinale Film Festival:

Don’t you think Terminator 1 would be a bit too difficult to bring it to 3D in terms of the budget it was shot?

Jim responds…

(laughs) exactly, I mean the first Terminator movie didn’t make that much money, it made a big splash because it was a new fresh idea but it was a low budget film and it did well for a low budget film you know, again we just have to look at the economics of it whether that made sense.

Well, judging by the increased love for 1984’s The Terminator and demand for a new gritty/horror hardcore Terminator movie (hopefully with original cast members like Hamilton/Schwarzenegger). We know The Terminator remastered would do great.

Space Goat Productions had phenomenal success with their ‘The Terminator Board Game Kickstarter; they fully funded the project in under 2 days! Funding continues for the rest of the month for additional content and unlocks!

James Cameron also expressed how some of the color tones of the first film were not to his liking, this would be an opportunity to make the changes he wants to but we also need to point out that we loved the way these movies looked in the first place, so maybe editions should come with options, original color (but digitally degrained), remastered color and default discs for the original presentation.

While we know the original VFX files for the T-1000 were accessed to aid in the 3D of Terminator 2 3D and use of the original film reel; it has been speculated by fans (and ourselves) if any improvements to VFX might be made…

Terminator Fan Luke Smith asked the following regarding VFX…

Are the make-up effects digitally altered too?

Jim replied:

No, we didn’t change anything within the film… we just regraded the color and obviously we did the stereo, the 3D, we didn’t alter anything within the film. I think you get into a slippery slope of revisionism then and starting to correct your mistakes and where would that end?

(Jim’s face remembers something)

There was one thing we did which had always bothered me; when the tow truck hits the bottom of the drainage canal the windshield falls out and you can see it plain as day and in the next shot- it is still in the truck, so I told them to paint that out and fix the shield, that was just for me because it always bothered me; full disclosure!

The fans had some great questions from Facebook and the host asked some cool questions but in regard to Terminator 6 Jim said simply he is in early talks and doesn’t have anything concrete to talk about except for the following…

I think the bigger issue is how do we make it fresh, how do we make it new and as inventive for the 21st century as the first two Terminator movies were 25 and 30 years ago.

Interviewer/representative of The Berlinale Film Festival:

But after four more Avatar’s, maybe in 2029 when the original Terminator came to us, maybe this is your time to come back again?

Jim said:

There you go, perfect, I’ll just tap out there with my cane and my oxygen tube and call action on Terminator 14!

Notable mentions; Jim mentioned that Adam Greenberg (the director of photography for T1 and T2) returned to do the color of T23D- Mr. Greenberg who is 80 years old is still going strong and if he is capable of working on the 6th movie… get him on board!

In the second part of question by Terminator Fan- Dorian House (whose favorite movie is T2) asked what Jim’s most fondly remembered moment of T2 was…

Talking about a scene Jim was fond of (while most of a story about Linda Hamlinton was inaudiable) was a story about Linda actually giving Dougie (the pervert face licker at Pescadero) a genuine smack in the face with a prop mop handle!

Jim Simply laughingly said…

The moral of the story is DON’T MAKE LINDA MAD!

We won’t ruin the rest of the interview for you, if you haven’t watched it make sure you do and give Jim a Like for taking his time out for fans, we all appreciate it.

For more release info regarding the US and other countries click here.

For confirmed release dates visit our Terminator 2 3D section!


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