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Thomas Dekker on Facebook Live Talks Terminator: TSCC Season 3

By: On May 4th, 2017

Thomas Dekker (one of the many faces of John Connor) hit Facebook LIVE streaming on the official Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Page discussing TSCC and his career. He stated that he and his other TSCC co-stars are still up for a TSCC return with a third season; among answering other fan questions.

Interesting points of discussion are Mr. Dekker talking about playing the mother son dynamic (with Lena Heady and also what the loose plot lines might have been in the third season- which never came to be due to Studio conflicts and a writers strike.

He also discusses The Terminator through to Terminator Salvation and thoughts feelings about the movies. Interestingly he has not seen T3 and the cast and crew of TSCC felt threatened by Terminator Salvation due to the movie being set post Judgment Day and with the show trying to prevent it.

Thomas Dekker aka John Connor is LIVE now!

Watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles here:

Posted by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Thursday, 4 May 2017

He also notified fans that T:TSCC is available to stream in its entirety FOR FREE (US only) on go90.

Maybe Skydance and Warner Brothers might be bringing the show back? We wouldn’t rule it out at this stage.

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Sandro Visconti Costa
Sandro Visconti Costa

TSCC I ACcept it… Hope and welcome it..


You haven’t seen T3 ? what the hell, I mean sure the storyline isn’t good, but you portrayed John Connor it takes a couple hours to watch the film, go and watch the movie. Regarding season two of T:scc it was nice there was more episodes but the show dragged on, to much drama almost no action and that’s the problem, you don’t need or can’t have explosions every episode, but it needed more chase scenes, more intense moments, because if a season three was to happen but be a drama that dragged on, I don’t think a lot of… Read more »

John C
John C

And this is why we rarely have nice things, because a lot of people think like you and need cliched dumbed down bullshit.

Season Two was absolutely wonderful. It didn’t drag, it explored the characters on a deep psychological level that few shows dare to touch.


Thanks for the info on the show being available to watch for free online!